That is Rejection?

First and foremost, welcome to the brand new 😛 bimbobum is still here to give you the latest happening on my love life 😀
When I have nothing better to do, I wonder back to who was at fault.
A guy I once knew went around telling his friends that I rejected him so brutally that he cried a million rivers that the cows really couldn’t come home.
His version of the story:
He had a crush on me. I had a crush on him. He bought me gifts. He spent a lot of time with me daily. I stopped responding to his affection. Played with his feelings by going out with other guys. Refused his daily attention. Occasionally came back to milk his attention when I was bored. Played hard to get. He got heart broken. I was a b*tch. The end.
My version of the story:
He developed a crush on me. I flirted just a little bit. He bought me a small gift, not even a cute one. I didn’t like it, but I pretended to and said “Thank you” anyway. We chatted on gtalk occasionally. He got obsessed. Started sending me text messages. I was polite and replied a few. After a while, it got tedious. I kept wondering if he really liked me, he would have picked up the damn phone and called me to ask me out. Instead, daily barrage of text messages. Now where was that supposed to lead to? Did he expect me to call him and ask him out? No thank you. He’s the guy, he should do it. He sulked occasionally when I didn’t respond to his text messages. Now why am I supposed to report to him daily about what I had for breakfast, lunch and dinner? Geez. I got tired of waiting. He got boring. He never called me ever. No point of he having my number and not asking me out if he isn’t interested.
Is that rejection? He didn’t even make a positive move!

16 thoughts on “That is Rejection?”

  1. Woman in this day and age are always whining about being treated as an equal and the usual bla..bla..bla. Why should the guy always have to be the first one to make a move ? He text first but you can’t call him ? Get with it girl, this is 2007 and not 1987.. All you girls out there should get a wake up call.. You should be lucky that there are still guys who text, buy presents (albeit cheap stuff) or even take the goddamn time to sulk at you! Don’t forget all the mental anguish girls put us through with your shit not to mention PMS ! GET WITH IT

  2. very simple only maa. if he dont call.. then u make the first move lor. or at least SMS him…ask him to buy u dinner or u can give some hints. not a crime rite.

  3. We’re all from the 80s. So bimbo is just being her. 😀
    An advise for the guy:
    A girl played hard to get then guys will only treasure. Don’t take things too serious. Now not only guys can flirt 😀 And bimbo is showing us, the guys, how to tackle a hot chick. I appreciate that.

  4. Guess girls just don’t want to give impression that they are desperate or easy if always make 1st move. On the other hand, guys would usually be regarded as a playa. Thinking about it that way, girls are worst off.
    Don’t think ne1 acted wrongly in this case. Guess both side just didn’t think the other party was worth the extra effort in making the first phone call. But guy is a loser for bitching.
    jakuna: Bimbobum’s number is (+603)9223 8080

  5. aiyah can tht the guy didn’t have any intention in giving a call…u did the right thing!! N plus he go out there and bitch about u….this kind of guy can just @&*%$%$*&!!

  6. he dun wanna call u, coz he dun have prepaid credits hahaha. text msg 10 or 15 cents. cheap presents summore. bo lui la brader.
    anyway, leave them girls alone, n play with ur xbox. woohoo. guitar hero here i come. jeng jeng jeng.
    PS: girls sux. no offence yah. bwekkkk 😛
    PPS: im not gay in any way

  7. bkah: girls sux,guys lick??
    bimbo: ROFL, ur fren damn lame…bitching around when he couldn’t get u, yerRRrrr what a lame act he did…
    p/s: not every guys in this world act like bimbobutt’s fren 1 ya…i’m not….ahahahaha

  8. now wait, if bimbobum is bitching about her fren bitching around, who is really bitching around? every1?? anyway how did you milk him off about his version of story??

  9. I think this issue is very simple. Girls are just as eager as guys to get laid, but don’t want to admit to it, because society will view them as whores, and therefore I can appreciate their reluctance to express.
    However guys don’t necessarily view whores as being a bad thing, xes and frank once told me they love whores, it’s their only chance at getting laid.
    So, girls, let loose a little, guys love whores, so if you express your desires you’ll be the most sought after girl ever. Trust me on that.

  10. Flirting doesn’t amount to commitment. He’s just bitter. I also hate text messages,would have been so much easier to call. Maybe he had too much expectation for his own good. And no I don’t think this amount to a rejection. It’s not like he asked you to be his gf or anything from what I’ve read…no date also, reject what? o_O

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