Calls from gay men

So I was saying that I’ve been getting calls from gay men. I don’t know who posted my number on gay friendship websites and I don’t know what the f00t is wrong with that person who posted my number there. It could be due to the following reasons:-
(a) He’s gay too and/or he hates me for making fun of gays sometimes.
(b) Its a prank
(c) It’s a malicious attempt to defame me and to injure my reputation
In regards to (c), I find the said act amounts to a criminal defamation. Section 499 of the Malaysian Penal Code provides that:-

    499. Defamation.
    Whoever, by words either spoken or intended to be read or by signs, or by visible representations makes or publishes any imputation concerning any person, intending to harm, or knowing or having reason to believe that such imputation will harm the reputation of such person, is said, except in the cases hereinafter excepted, to defame that person.
    500. Punishment for defamation.
    Whoever defames another shall be punished with imprisonment for a term which may extend to two years, or with fine, or with both.

In simple words, anyone who published something that will harm the reputation of a person has committed criminal defamation. Once convicted, the person shall be punishable with imprisonment for a term which may extend to two years or with a fine or both. I have seen those poor prisoners in court. Smelly, unshaved, humiliated and bullied. I’ve met one girl who was arrested just right after she came out from the shower. Man, I tell you, she stinks when I saw her in Court.
Unfortunately, I did not try to trace the person who posted my number. Those bloody gay men who called me are not very helpful at all. Whenever I asked them where did they get my number, they would answer, “Eumm…I forgot…”.
Making a police report to trace the culprit is not helpful without any leads. To everyone out there, make sure you have enough evidence or information for the police to conduct an investigation before making a report otherwise the police wouldn’t help much. But some of the people who called me were nice enough to give me some leads. Watch this space!
Anyway, those calls from gay men gave me a bad impression on gay men. They gave me the impression that many gay men are so bloody desperate to poke bum holes that they call up strangers to meet up. Or probably they find it exciting to poke strangers.
Also, many don’t have to courtesy to say hello. For example, some would start with “How are youuuuuu??”.
Another guy said, “lei chou kan meh yehhh (What are you doing in Chinese).
NGO TIU KAN HAI AH!! MOU FAN NGO AH!! (translation: sorry I’m busy, please do not disturb me)
Then yesterday..
Me: Where did you get my number from?
GayGuy: Umm..from a gay website..
GayGuy: I am 65 KGS…20 years old..
GayGuy: Oh…I don’t remember… Ahh. I cant remember.
GayGuy: *t00t* *t00t* *t00t* (hangs up phone)

29 thoughts on “Calls from gay men”

    Gay website….HAHAHAHA. But then maybe its your buncha friends calling u and pretending to be gay ppl.
    Can you use those numbers they called with as leads?

  2. wolfx: i know none of my friends are liddat. they dont usually like to prank people. those people who called me are those who saw my number on websites. unless i call them and harass them everyday, then maybe i might be able to dig up something heh.

  3. ouch man~ ur rite man…mayb some gays r desperate to cucuk other guys from behind..damn kao lat kena liddat…
    Darren is rite, tat someone who put ur number on it should get gang-raped..whoever it is

  4. poor doraemon-san…
    since ur numvber published in gay website..hehe
    sorry i am not making fun of you as i also experient tat before…
    but my case is different…
    my number published in maxis chatroom by someone who jealous of me…
    they login as sexgadis(nickname) or etc..
    then they taip “call me for sex first come first serve… phone number 01X-xxx xxxx”
    and ph number become hotline for 3 mths… until when i sleep also they disturb me…

  5. Actually there is an option for you to ban unwanted numbers on your phone. Or allow calls on your phone to be received only. However, it’s not a very good option as I feel that sometimes people need to use other numbers to call.
    Maybe Gavin ask some of his friends to play u? Hehhehe….j/k!
    Gay men who have pride in being gay are respectable. These, I doubt are gay because Gays are normally more tasteful in the way they approach people and don’t make themselves look desperate like that guy who called. I think it’s more of a prank than a desperate attempt to make gay advances…hahahah

    obviously it is someone who knows your number.have you tried filtering your contact one by one. It be your ex too!

  7. it is most likely the person who did may not be gay himself and it was a prank. as for u having bad impression on gays, dun let one bad apple ruin everything else for you. be tolerant. you as a lawyer should know that.

  8. Darren&Avolandevil: nevermind, i believe what comes around goes around. when his time comes, i wish him the worst!
    piffles: next round would be u la! i get them to call u!
    insomnia: AHAHAHAHAHHA now i feel better, someone is actually on the same ship as I am kekeke.
    bent: mahai, i better hope that no one calls my name to be on stage during Mr Liquid’s content!
    electroniclfy: no la, i’m more concern on the person who posted my number.
    Amos: dont want la. I’ve been using the same number since I was 17!
    karheng: i beg to differ though. each and every callers were men of different races. very unlikely it is a prank.
    fr0stie: OK LA NOT U!
    peggy: sob thanks 😀
    rych: filtering meh? abit hard man, and also i have people who i dont know having my number! scary shits man
    concerned: although some may call it a prank, it is no prank when someone’s reputation is at stake. it is no prank when i publish a notice in the newspaper injuring a person’s reputation and thereafter calling it a prank. as i lawyer, i dont not have the obligation to be tolerant. but it is my social obligation to be tolerant. i am not saying that all gays are desperate, i am saying that these people give me bad impression on their kind as a whole. nevertheless, my gay friends would understand that i am not saying that they are desperate. right GavinTan??

  9. xes… gg already… u try to think who hav u insulted so far or hav made an argument with and he/she didn’t like the outcome of it or something like that…
    shudn’t b long la…
    but seriously… u shud find out the website if u can and tell the webmaster about it maybe u can get something out of it…
    and ofcos.. tell us that site that made u famous.. =x

  10. haha dude……take the high road. Don’t have to be angry at them. They might find it macho.. hahaha after they more attracted….
    What i suggest is that you ask in a calm polite manner. Maybe that way, you’ll really know if it’s a prank or the guy who called really meant it. Go with the flow and then drop the bombshell..he won’t call u ever again.

  11. do google and see if your name is linked to any gay sites or not.
    Remember your post (the link to their blog) about the two lovely kiasu gays ?? where they are trying to be together and their problem with their parents..

  12. eh, my friend also kena before wei. some idiot posted his number and pretended to be him in some gay website. gave out his num and the gays harassed him non-stop. wtf man. damn free la some peeps. :S

  13. eh, don’t lie ok? i know u posted up your own number on the gay site. it’s ok, we will still accept you once you come out of the closet. don’t be shy ;p

  14. MaL: one of the websites is i’ve filed a complaint there already
    karheng: they never called more than twice. and every time different people 😛
    endroo G: ehhh it started after i posted that blog!! hmm there’s a connection!
    insomnia: yeah trying to :s
    Ben: mahai it must be u LA!!
    facky: wahlao did he find out who sabo him in the end?
    anna: cilakak u! i didnt! i’ll post up teteksoon’s one next time. i’m sure he’s more of a gay magnet wahhaha

  15. My goodness. Defamation can be a criminal offence in Malaysia?! And it attracts a *jail sentence*?!
    Surely it doesn’t warrant jail…more like plenty of monetary damages should be a smoothing enough balm.
    So prosecutors go out and waste public funds on pursuing malicious defamation defendants…

  16. by posting the article above, u have just made urself vulnerable to gavin tan’s claims of defamation !
    he will sue u, and then rape ur ass too.

  17. evana: monetary damages are only for individual civil actions. as for criminal defamation, it’s the State’s action against the individual.
    Defamation is a criminal offence in many countries 😀
    flush: no worries, there’s a fine distiction between teasing and defaming. keke

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