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Hardsequence @ Ruums, KL – 17th June 06

Ruums, formally known as Warp (thereafter known as Channel), used to be THE ULTIMATE FENGTAU club. Mainly a Chinese triad dominated club, I feared for my life during my past 2 visits there. However, I heard that the management decided to turn the club around to change its fengtau image to compete with ZOUK KL. With the most popular local DJs, namely the Bass Agents and the Dark Ravers, they now face a challange changing this club’s image.
Please give support to our local boys, long live hard dance!
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Also, at the same venue..
Ohm-Sessions pres Scot Project & Bass Agents – 24.06.06
To those who don’t know, Liquid is one of the most popular gay clubs in Kuala Lumpur. And now, for their yearly event,
I got to know of this event from bimbobum. As a male loving creature, he/she has promised me to cover this event. Anticipate pictures of hot looking homo/hetero-sexual guys from this banana plantation party.

Fri 16 Jun 06 2300h
Other to Sat 17 Jun 06 0100h
The night when brains, brawns and talent dictate his appeal. Come and watch the bravest men on this side of the planet compete for the ultimate manhood validation.
Pre Sale Tickets @ RM50 + 2 drinks available at Liquid from 1st May 2006 onwards.
URL www.liquidbar.com.my…
Venue Liquid & The Disco
Address 2.04 Mezz.Floor, Central Market Annexe, Jalan Hang Kasturi,
Email liquidkl@tm.net.my
Tel (603) 2026 5039
Price rm40 + 1 drink
DJ’s : Jason M & DJ Odin
Source: http://www.fridae.com/agenda/index.php?cat=E&eventid=959
P/S yes, I’ve been Liquid. Not pleasant for a straight guy.
PP/S To +6016 658 658x who said, “Hi, i’m a half black american, half arab 20 yr old and id love to meet up. Rply quickly if interested”: this is for you:-
PPP/S To that bastard who posted my number on gay websites, f*ck you. It’s not funny. If I find out who you are, I will make a report against you for criminal defamation (punishable with 2 years imprisonment and/or fine).

14 thoughts on “Upcoming events.”

  1. rych: i dont know unfortunately. IF I DID. LOCKUP 2 HARI DAN PAKAI SPENDER SAHAJA UNTUK DUA HARI!
    bimbobum: u promised!!
    Darren: aiyah, migrate to KL La!

  2. For those who are still deciding to go this saturday… please sort out your HS presales with one of the promoters… *cough cough christina*
    ehehhe… I HAVE NO SHAME… =)
    See you saturday, get there early… Bone vs Violet << female hardstyle dj =)

  3. bimbobum: woiii dont ffk!! its a chance of a lifetime!!
    Gavin: mahai must be u la ccheebye!
    winkris: tee hee hee..feel free to promote here 😀
    johnson: when u coming back la?

  4. Sue that bloody to hell….anyone going for Scott’s?
    xes: eh y lar post that gay flyer lar? tiu anyway no straight guy will go there anyway….

  5. aiks. shit, no one confirmed with me tonight’s outing yet. xes u cover my cover charge as cost of my blogging fee la. eheheheh. ;P or mebbe i’ll go find someone to pay for me (please give me the phone numbers of the fellas who called you up, mebbe i ‘use’ them a bit… hehe. ;P i can pretend to be you!)

  6. What time is Scot project playing for OHM session?? actually what time does the event starts lar..

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