can you spot fake boobs?

i don’t want your mummies and daddies to come chasing after me. ;P

how can you tell whether a woman has fake boobs? i assume if both don’t jiggle .. err ….. differently, then it’s fake. and when the girl lays on her back, the boobs are still … err …. perky and upright. hehehe.
there are some tests out there, try it out and see how good you are. ;P
1. how easily can people spot a breast augmentation?
2. the real breasts/fake breasts test.
the 2nd test is more fun. ;D but it’s not fair, naked boobs are easier to tell, compared to clothed ones.
i wish mine were a wee bit bigger. ;D

21 thoughts on “can you spot fake boobs?”

  1. fake boobs is the pwn!!! during emergency can use as floating device also LMAO!!! not to mention airbags during frontal impact!!! kakakakkaa

  2. insomnia: for guys to cuci mata in between matches. ;P
    wolfx: no need to be saggy also can. wear proper bra and have … er … regular massages. hehehe. ;P
    wingz: u go and do implants la. mebbe can survive tsunami. hehehe. ;P omg, u mean girls with fake boobs seriously float better? i wonder if ppl mistake their boobs as buoys before when they’re doing backstroke in the sea ….

  3. Bimbobum: Come i offer free mammary massage and as a bonus, i also conduct free mammograms. 😀
    *Shows certified mammo-masseuse cert*

  4. this one is a fake I’d guess. It just don’t seem to match to go with the body size. Look at her arms.. she’s skinny. And its just too round.
    Breasts got that round, meh????

  5. i should be a man!!! or a surgeon. i can’t believe this. they tell me I got 20 out of 20?! *haha*
    those boobs that don’t “flow” or “bend” properly according to your body, literally 24/7 perky…are fakes.
    I’m good. *haha*

  6. We all love BOOBS, because wen your making out or having sex her boobs are someting you can grab on to. The bigger/faker the boobs the better:)

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