One of those relationship issues again

You know how everyone dislikes being second best most of the time? How is being the 1st runner-up in a beauty pageant or competition a good think when the prizes are far more inferior than the winner’s?
Someone asked a friend of mine whether it was fair for a girl to have issues being second choice. Guys (most of them!) are always wooing several girls at one go, although they would have some sort of preference in mind – like having favourites. So, technically, it’s like saying, “Hmm, A is first choice. If i can’t get her, I’ll try for B. If not, f*ck, I guess I’ll have to settle for C.”
Would B accept him, after knowing that she was second choice all the while? Or it doesn’t matter? I’ve seen situations where a 2nd choice gets together with a guy because 1st choice got a boyfriend and broke the guy’s heart. Later when 1st choice was single again, the guy dumped 2nd choice to try again with 1st choice. So, 2nd choice will always be 2nd best, no matter what?
On the other hand, it seems to be generally accepted that girls can have a variety of men to choose from, provided they are her suitors. Why is she allowed to choose, while letting the men attempt to win her heart? All is fair in love, you say?
I am, however, tempted to test the theory out – the one about being 2nd best. I know someone who got together with a girl who wasn’t his first choice altogether – hehehehe because I wasn’t interested in him. But do I really want to be a bitch and break them up, just to test my powers? That would be sad, because I am not interested in him at all – let the couple be, I’m sure he’s tuned himself to be very much in love with her.
Unless I’m feeling really lonely one dark and stormy night ……..

18 thoughts on “One of those relationship issues again”

  1. Mother nature sucks doesn’t she.
    Guys have to battle to be one of the options. Girls get to pick and choose. Guys have to ‘hedge’ their bets and spread their risk. Girls then never feel secure with their choice.
    ZOMG… relationships sure are messy…

  2. Hell no! Settle for 2nd place? How sincere is that anyway? That’s why its very important to investigate throughly before accepting a guy. Have network of some background checks..wah sound like police check..hehee

  3. Wicked!!!
    Seems to be complicated but it ain’t not. Diversified is the mechanism behind human being because we tend to protect myself. Love can be subjective.
    Bimbo…test it out and see how it goes…hahah

  4. Khinko: to prove my theory mah, hehehe.
    rych: ahahah please provide a male starring too! πŸ˜‰
    FrentZen: and be killed in the process? hmmm ;P get me drunk first, then i’ll have the courage to do so!
    ChloeC: ahahah yes, having a lot of friends is important for networking purposes and source for information. πŸ˜‰ a friend’s ex-suitor went for 2nd best but it didn’t last long. there’s always something missing, i guess.
    weekiat: i’m 0;) leh!

  5. i’ll never settle for second best. Relationships are not horse races.Besides the thought of being the second best makes it feel like the guy is just going for the left overs…

  6. bimbo,
    so what does that make you if you break up some couple?
    if you mean you havent break the couple up , therefore you aren’t a bitch. then i salute you..

  7. eksk: the guy ain’t a catch. ehehe not worth it ;P
    aiya, in general, i don’t do shit stuff like that. what goes around comes around, don’t do unto others you don’t want done to you, blablabla something like that

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