Last Sunday footie and dinner with relatives

Yesterday’s post
Barely slept this morning. I almost couldn’t make it for my last football game for this holiday.

Gin Yew and Soon Yean were supposed to play but they couldn’t wake up. Gin Yew is leaving tonight for Portsmouth and he has been going on and on about scoring the last goal on Sunday for the whole week. But it seems he couldn’t even wake up for it. Apparently both of them hung out till late at night. According to Pao, they were playing snooker and those who losses will have to do 30 push-ups. Soon Yean had to do 300 push-ups.

There were only 6 of us in our team. We had to combine with 2 other teams to make a 13 men team. Our team is playing against another team, fully equipped with players wearing Italy’s football jersey. Wai Keong, Sam and I played defence in the first half. Within 15 minutes, we were thrashed 3 – 0. Our centre wasn’t strong enough and the opponents easily penetrated our defence. Soon, Wai Keong started organising our team. Each of us was given a task and soon our defence grew stronger. Wilson and Ping Sheong’s magnificent attack made our presence even more threatening. In the end of the first half, we scored 4 goals. We lead 4 – 3 on the first half.

Even though the first half was great for us, it was tainted with squabbles. There was once I was guarding this guy but he managed to dribble through me. A teammate of mine blocked him and I turned to give assistance. As I turn, he was about to kick the ball and I accidentally kicked his leg. I quickly apologized but he swore out loudly. Wai Keong sprung out in my defence and shouted “mahai, its just football!” The guy has a very bad temper. Ping Sheong complained about him about how he would stare cock at someone just because the other party roughed a bit. He was also quite rough towards other and often tackles roughly. What comes around goes around, the guy suffered serious injury on his shin after he tried tackling one of our players. He couldn’t play throughout the game. Unfortunately, our player was also injured. He had to stop playing.

Sam’s Malay friend joined us our team on the second half. Even though the Malay guy was a fat 300-pound guy, Sam claims that he’s quite good. The Malay guy started to reorganise our defence and gave us new tasks. It was disastrous. Within minutes, the opponent scored an equalizer. The opponent replaced their strikers with different people and took control of the centre field. The game got worst for us. Everyone was exhausted. The opponent took this opportunity, penetrated our defence easily and scored 4 punishing goals. The game ended with 7 – 5.