Chocolate wafers

Have you tried the Oreo wafer before?
Got this at Giant supermarket at RM0.99.

Nothing fantastic, I must say. Sorely disappointed that the distinct taste of Oreo cookies cannot be found in their wafers!
Remember Kit Kat Chunky’s Peanut Butter ones I was going on about?

The British version.
Was very excited when my friend came back to KL for a break from the England, bringing me chocolates. Lovely!

Looked fairly the same in the inside. But tasted very, very different. I was disappointed!
It wasn’t as creamy and melt-in-your-mouth like the Australian ones. This was rather dry and the peanut butter filling tasted very artificial. My first bite made me crunch my face in disgust.
So, if you can, get the Australian ones, NOT the British ones.

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