The Guy Next Court (Door)

Lately, there were a bunch of girls playing futsal at our usual futsal place. The girls are around their early 20s, not bad looking and one of them even drives a BMW 5 Series. The girls have their own jerseys, with their names printed at the back of the jerseys.

WK got hold of one of the girls’ telephone number through the futsal court’s booking registry. The girl’s name is N. Not bad looking.

One day after futsal, KF, Ping, Jin Han, WK and I went yamcha. Since Ping is the only one single on the table, we decided to pass the number to Ping. WK then got hold of Ping’s handphone and started texting N.

“Hi, why didn’t play futsal today? From the Guy Next Court”.

Minutes later, N replied, “Who is this ah!”.

We then brainstormed on how to reply N’s message. Halfway through the discussion, I blurted out, “hHAhah 26 YEARS OLD ALREADY STILL DOING THIS HAHAHA”

I couldn’t stop laughing!

Then WK replied along the lines “I would like to keep my identity a secret at the moment. Can we be friends first?”.

N did not reply… GG Mission Fail!

Anyone has better ideas on how to approach a girl through SMS?

24 thoughts on “The Guy Next Court (Door)”

  1. it’s really lame to know a girl thru sms nowadays la, esp for a 26 yr old *ahem* guy, mayb u could approach them the time u see them again in the court nex time?

  2. agree with sarah. its so lame. if you are 20 yr old, still can accept. come on… 26 yr old. be a man. use the classic way. approach & intro. the rest is up to your friend. 🙂

  3. have to agree with lynn, if u wanna b secretive u can go home n lick the wall while watchin em geckos mate.
    pls show some balls mate. this is how we do it in australian.
    right scuzzy?

  4. not high school… is OLD SKOOOL!! wahhahaha… that rox though… but im glad i dun hav to do such things liaw… nor am i permitted to do so.. lol… anyway my opinion is to go straight up lo.. go wif a fren if ur not bally enuf.. xD

  5. straight forward is the best. go to her, tell her, hi! i’m bla bla bla.. been noticing u…… and the conversation go on….
    don’t be afraid of being rejected. at least he tried. heheheh

  6. Yea… fo’sure! That stalker type SMS’ are just a disaster waiting to happen.
    Seriously, cut to the chase. If you wanna ask the girl out. Ask. I’m sure she’ll be flattered that you noticed her from across the court.
    By the time you play those guessing games, it’ll end up being more annoying for her than anything else. TRUST ME.

  7. at least you realize it is so lame at the end… haha…
    different girl like to be approached in different way. dont think there is one that’ll work for all girls. but your reply was really lame to the max haha…
    go straight up to her and introduce yourself. now what century liao? a mature man should not be shy away from what he admire.

  8. Oi Foong, does this mean you have a gf already?
    Ask Ping to kick ball into the other court. Then when he runs in there to get it, wave his hands at N and say: Saying hi from the Guy Next Court 😛
    BTW, will be back in Malaysia in early June. Cannot play futsal until then… sucks man 🙁

  9. lynn: that wouldnt be fun liao! hehe
    sarah: where got lame? it’s a good move ok!
    visitor: in our circumstances, i think sms would be a better choice. cause the girl is always surrounded by her other friends.
    Amos: sms is fun ma 😀
    australian: LOL!
    Darren: old skoool!
    baburs: no la, for fun ma 😛
    Eugene: haha we need huge balls to do that, or just alcohol.
    winkris: thanks for the advice!
    cm: CONFIRM.COm
    Angryyoungchild: high school? hehe during my high school days, most people dont own a hp 😀
    wondney: ahahaha no la, ping is the victim here. we use his HP to fool around hehe
    Lynn: it’s a part of tactic ok!
    munaks: why did you call me a f**king retard? im not the one who sent the sms.
    sugar: ahahahah it’s not my reply 😀 anyway, its for fun 😛
    coz: guys? using the same pickup line??
    Low: ssh dont talk about my private life here keke. damnit la no futsal until june? gf ok?

  10. women find “mysterious” guys just downright annoying. arsewipes who don’t have the balls to come out and introduce themselves are just not worth the time i guess. LOL.

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