The Communists in Malaysia
Recently, 2 Chinese nationals were arrested for kidnapping another Chinese national for a ransom of RM100K. Criminal activities by Chinese nationals were pretty rampant lately.

Couple of my mother’s tenants were victims of another crime committed by Chinese nationals. One day, the tenants went out for a day trip, leaving all their belonging totalled RM40K locked in the house. When they came back, all their belongings were gone. The house was burgled.

They were pretty puzzled with the disappearance of their belongings, as they told no one about their trip except this girl. So they called the police and the police conducted a search in the girl’s house. They found couple of their belonging but the rest was gone. It seems that the girl has sold their belongings. The girl was subsequently arrested.

Unfortunately, the girl was released. Apparently, the girl’s family in Shanghai has some sort of underworld influence. So strong until the tenants were afraid that the gangsters would hurt their families. They decided to drop the charges and reject the offer of RM7, 000 by the girl as compensation. Where is justice?

If I were a victim of such crime, I would:
1. Get the police to torture the bugger, you know the usual police torture, make her sit on ice, cane the soles of her feet, (INSERT YOUR FAVOURITE TORTURE HERE) just usual stuff la. (Apparently today an arrested kidnapper complained to the media that the police tortured him. The police assaulted him till he lost couple of his front teeth)

And then after she was released, I’ll go up to her and say,

“Wahhh… what happened to you?? I didn’t know police in Malaysia does that…oh you poor thing”

This is the implementation of the law, “Keep your hands clean – You must seem a paragon of civility and efficiency. You hands mare never soiled by mistakes and nasty deeds. Maintain such as spotless appearance by using others as scapegoats and cat’s paws to disguise you involvement” – Robert Greene, 48 Laws of Power.

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  1. Wah, wat animals u all are……I like I like…..*evil laugh with lightning and thunder in the background*Muahahahahahhahahahahha

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