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Dear Santa…
Another 2 weeks or so, Christmas is here. And then another 1 week will 2004 New Year!! How time flies. Back in my First Year during the uni days, I read about Santa Claus who is staying at the North Pole, which based on today’s geo-political location, it’s at Rovaniemi, Finland. I wrote him a mail and posted it to Santa. No kidding, I mean what’s the harm of writing to Santa right. I know being a 20-year-old writing to Santa is kinda …erm… ridiculous but then for the fun of it, what the heck. Everyday, after lectures, I was eager to go back to the residential hall and check out if there was any reply from Finland. Few days later, no reply. Another week, no reply. Maybe Santa was too busy that he forgot to reply my mail at all. Sniff sniff. Soon I didn’t even bother to check the pigeon-hole mailbox at all.

Then one day, it came!! I was astounded to see a colourful, full of elves pictures envelope tucked nicely in my mailbox. It was from Santa!! On the envelope was some printing of United Nation’s UNESCO promoting Christmas or something and then there was this catchy phrase that says “Santa Clause comes from Finland”. Hahahahaha. Yesterday as I was reading the paper, there was this article about who is the real Santa Claus. A few countries near the Artic Circle claimed the right ownership of him. For one, there’s Greenland (basically Denmark cos Denmark owns Greenland), then the Finnish and the Swedish. It’s funny how Norwegian being higher up north at the Artic Circle doesn’t lay a claim on him. And you know what, there’s actually a conference every year to solve this issue and every year, Finland still has the winning vote.

And I know it’s abit wee late to send a snail mail to Finland, cos by the time Santa reply comes back, Christmas is already over. But then, what the heck, Santa is available whole year round. Erm.. well, that’s what the Finnish say. Here’s the address,

Santa Claus’ Main Post Office,
Santa Village,

HO HO HO~~~~ πŸ˜€

I asked my Finnish friend about it. She said that place really exist! Here’s a photo of that place, courtesy of Eeva Keskinen!

Alternatively, you can visit the website here

10 thoughts on “xmas!”

  1. merry xmas n god bless .. ahhha the place looks gorgeous sial!! if oni santa will gip me 10 bijik/barons for xmas .. heh heh

  2. cm: everyone is on a christmas mode liaooeishin: your liver screaming for help liao..still wan barons and bijik ahjasmine: kekeke, can steal some stamps for me ah..i’m a philatic..kekeek

  3. what kind of stamps?nowadays all the stamps are the self-adhesive kind… like sticker, damn difficult to peel. but sure… will see what i can do today πŸ˜›

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