Along with all the yummielicious entries by our dear xes, it is perhaps equally important that we know how to place our orders.
If you happen to be in a speak-chinese-oni-community and is craving for some western fastfood, no fear! There’s always a MehDonner around the corner. Here’s hau yiu ken ordar:
And, have a nice day!!

10 thoughts on “MehDonner”

  1. hahahahaahahahahahahahaaa whore cakes!! hahahahahaahaha this is funny.. and up sai? hahahahahaaa where is the lou sai? hahahahahaaa

  2. iHafnOballz: teehehee..glad u liked it! Aye, u need to post some replies in the forum too ya???
    PaKaP: ahh..this is better than coffee huh?? ahahaa!!!
    DKBU:’ll be awesome if they have it here..i lup mus-slooms!!
    honfaai: ahahaha…u and ur pangsai stories!!
    flint: muahHAHAHAA!! then wat’s strawberry sundae?
    pikey: no wonder they don’t sell hot cakes in m’sia’s mehDonner!!!
    karheng: many?!?! that one really lau sai edi ar!! muahhHAHAA

  3. eh im seriously asking a question la ;p what’s upsize? is it another variety on the menu? or is it just UP-size.. like instead.. of a regular. u wanna up it to a large? O.o

  4. i think upsize u order a regular value meal, u can get a large drink or large fries by adding RM1..
    i think kua..not sure~

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