dead fox.

What is there to write about when I was in class the entire day and at home the entire night? I was about to skip tonightโ€™s post but something came up.

Remember the fox that broke my main phone cable couple of 5 months ago? Well, we found it.

It was dead in the attic.

Its body was omitting putrid smell hence the entire upper floor could smell it. Mum hired someone to extract the body out. It seems that the fox died of starvation. I guess it was fatally trapped in the attic.

I guess the fox is the last of the wild animals in my house. Many years ago, we used to have pythons, monkeys, snakes and squirrels. Now all I have is stray dogs and stray cats.

16 thoughts on “dead fox.”

  1. no la, i don’t think the fox is the last u’ll see. still got another one in your house wat.. it’s called xes :pjust kidding ok ๐Ÿ˜‰

  2. huh ?? xez … u staying at OUG ???? no such jungle u mentioned eh !! Lol … somemore no zoo in OUG .. how come so many animal running into ur house ??? or are you one of their gang ??? loL .. kiddin dude ๐Ÿ˜›

  3. sounds like OUG is situated in some National Park.. beware the zebra, the hippos.. ooppss.. we just lost one fox hahahaha.

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