excessive water bill..

I came home with a big surprise today. My water utility bill for this month is RM1000. *faints
Oh my god, my Dad is going to get a heart attack soon. *touch wood* Well the exorbitant amount was due to months of defaulting payment.

RM1000 is fine as compared to one of my mother’s rented houses in Sunway. She was charged RM16, 000 for the water utility bill. What the fuck man, RM16, 000 is enough pay Sunway Lagoon Waterpark’s monthly water utility bill! We’re still in dispute now. I got my lawyer to negotiate with the house owner but the problem now is the water authority refused to deduct the exorbitant amount. The house owner spoke with one of the person in charge but the water authority refused to budge.

Anyone has any idea where should I file my complaint? (Malay Mail hotline is one of my options)

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  1. defaulted payment? who was the one who defaulted it?and why is your mum being charged rm 16k? the ppl who rent there trying to fill and refill their “swimming pool” daily? why can’t ur mum ask the ppl who rent there to pay? or is it a mistake by the water company?

  2. my mum defaulted 😀 she was the person who rented the house 😀 it seems that there was an underground leakage.

  3. Wah, and I thought I had to pay a lot (RM600) when there was a leakage in my bathroom. Yours is worst! You’d better get someone do something about it soon! 🙂

  4. Thats why…I want to leave the country and never come back. Only when the *aHem* people running the country start to get more civilised.

  5. omg how can anyone in the right mind spend so much on water? what are they? bottling the water and selling it to people outside? MADNESS!leongs, do something about it soon. this is so the conning money wei.. o.Oshocking m’sia

  6. my water utility bill in UK is free cause the landlord pays, and my bill in kelantan averages about RM5 a month, cause in kelantan we use wells, HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!

  7. i dont want to say this, due to the fact that anyone can view this site….but what the hell….fucking incompetent nats!!!

  8. xes, u should juz go to JBA and gif them a Stone Cold Salute (double middle finger) and then kick who ever is in charge in the gut and gif him a stunner!I mean someone seriously should…..

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