Real life situation told by my friend.

A mother of 2 came to see my friend to seek advice. The worst had happened to her family. Her son has been sexually abusing her daughter. Her husband, also the father of the children, refused to turn the boy to the police as he is the only son and he doesnt want to lose his only son.

What made it worst is that, the son is only 15 years and the daughter is only 8 years old.

The parents were afraid to send the girl for a medical checkup because under S27 of Childs Act 2001, a medical officer or medical practitioner has a duty to inform a protector (e.g. Department of Social Welfare) if he believes that the child has been sexually abused. S27 and its subsections are as follow:
Duty of medical officer or medical practitioner
27. (1)If a medical officer or a registered medical practitioner believes on reasonable grounds that a child he is examining or treating is physically or emotionally injured as a result of being ill-treated,neglected,abandoned or exposed,or is sexually abused, he shall immediately inform a Protector.
(2)Any medical officer or registered medical practitioner who fails to comply with subsection (1)commits an offence and shall on conviction be liable to a fine not exceeding five thousand ringgit or to imprisonment for a term not exceeding two years or to both.
(3)If the registered medical practitioner referred to in subsection (1)is a medical officer,he may take the child referred to in that subsection into temporary custody until such time as the temporary custody of the child is assumed by a Protector or police officer.

KL Magistrate Court..you might end up here if you decide to commit a crime in KL.
What would you do if you are in that family’s situation?
Turning the son in would seem like everybody’s answer. He’s only 15 hence by right he should be detained in a centre which is separated from the adult criminals. Unfortunately, this doesnt happen all the time.
I quote a senior counsel, “The only sickness that prison can cure is heterosexuality”. A young boy like him would no doubt serve as a sex slave for a building full of men. Retribution? No no, the boy should burn in hell not sodomized on Earth.

14 thoughts on “Dilemma”

  1. hey CL, ur photography skills are pretty commendable. It doesn’t look like such a bad place to end up in. *hehe*

  2. how about bargain with the judge, first offense? community work? rehab center? isnt this a juvenile offense cos he’s under 18 when the crime is committed?

  3. pikey: Children are subjected to all punishments except death for any offences that they have committed. I presume that the girl has been raped. Hence, the boy will be slapped with 2 charges, one for statutory rape and another one for incest. Heavy sentence man.. despite being a first offencer and young offender, judges dont take incest lightly. they will surely whip the bugger.
    and btw, in msia, we dont use community work to punish offenders πŸ˜€

  4. hehe…i like the idea of retribution where frank serves as a sex slave in a cell full of sex starved, hot blooded male convicts…getting sodomised and all that…hehe

  5. Ya..sad to hear tis…somemore own sister…i donno wat to answer.. tough…i jus came bk frm a home study sch for dropouts,13-16yr olds involved in gangsterism… hope i can help teach there…to discipline them..make a change : )

  6. How about seeking advice from the NGO.I remember hearing cases like these when I was still active in the Children’s Right’s Organisation.If you are up for it,I can recomend you my aunts who handle cases like these.

  7. boob_omatic: oooo didnt know u have such kinky fantasies over frank πŸ˜€
    Julz: my friend had that problem while she was in the NGO
    Dan: yea poor girl..damn kids
    flint: 13-16 yrs old involved in gangsterism? eh? thts quite normal though..they’ll grow out of it “D

  8. *LOL* mengchoo is so funny! but seriously, why on earth would men in jail do sodomising? i don’t get it.
    just like the guy who was just let out of prison and immediately went to rape foreign tourists and sodomised the poor little boy. i really am curious about the environment of the jail…

  9. o fuck… the poor lil girl… if i were her and old enough to think… i’ll murder my brother for causing such a traumatic incident to happen…
    the boy should go to jail n feel how it is to get tormented

  10. i pity the parents more than the daughter. so what did ur friend advice? seriously i wouldn’t know how to advice them for something like that… it has too much of a social and emotional risk to subject the son to the consequences of breaking the law, but if not, well…

  11. Send the boy to seek advice from a trained psychologists. He has to know it is wrong and he CANNOT get away from this situation. Parents have to teach him a lesson I suppose.

  12. sharon: the prison cell in msia is really horrible. I heard its about 50% – 70% overcrowded. Sometimes its so crowded till people have to take turns to sleep. Since the toilet bowl is in the cell itself, some prisoners have to sleep next to it. Imagine in the middle of the night, some prisoners come peeing on you cause the missed the bowl.
    Maybe you should join one of the NGOs to see how prison is like in msia.
    Jac: If you’re the father of the son, will u send him off to prison too?
    Reta: yup!! good idea. sometimes the law need not be enforced. πŸ˜€
    chuoming: my friend didnt know what to do as well. so she just passed the case to the senior.

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