DJ Anatta @ Club Pure, Melaka 11 March 2006

DJ Anatta was hired to spin at Club Pure @ Melaka. So Cris, Florence and I decided to accompany her. We were given a free room at Aldy Hotel, 3 stars! 😀

Frankly, I am not familiar with the clubbing scene in Melaka. But recently I have been approached by a club in Melaka to judge a Melbourne Shuffle competition (which will be held @ Station 3 @ Melaka, 24 and 31 March 2006, more details soon!) for them. Hence, it would be interesting to see how the scene is like beforehand.

DJ Ashvin of Club Pure picked us up from our hotel. The club is located somewhere around Melaka’s business district centre.
As we were brought to the club, my first impression was that the club is made from adjoining few shop house together. Well, in fact, it was a corner lot with brilliant interior and design!


The street where the club is located is theme as the mini-Bangsar of Melaka. There are other clubs and pubs there as well.

Club Pure is made up of 2 rooms, 1st room being the R&B room on the ground floor and the other room is for dance music, which is on the first floor. The R&B floor was packed to the max. Pack as a can of sardines I would say.

But the other room was pretty deserted, probably because dance music hasn’t really picked up in Melaka. We were given two buckets of beer while waiting for DJ Anatta to finish. Cris and I went on a photography spree. I heard Cris took about 1 gig of photos O_O

Florence & DJ Anatta

Men’s toilet – a small strip of one way mirror to see whether any guys are hitting on your girlfriend.

There are two weird things in Club Pure. The first is that male patrons cannot wear caps. I had this bouncer poking my waist and thereafter grabbed my cap from my head. I stared at him in disbelief and immediately grabbed my cap from him. He then pointed his head and said, “No Caps”. I was told that the reason behind it is that caps obstruct the view of CCTVs in the club. So there I was, clubbing with a head of flatten hair. I felt like a bloody schoolboy.

As for the second weird thing, I would have to start by explaining how the dance room is like in Pure Club. The DJ console is built on an elevated stage, which overlooks a small cemented dance floor. And on that dance floor, there were couple of young shufflers. Yes, the Melbourne Shuffle has invaded Melaka! I even saw someone wearing phat pants there too “=_=

While the young shufflers were tearing the dance floor with DJ Anatta’s progressive house and breakbeats, a group of kids came. Immediately thereafter, the kids were break dancing….


Those Bboys were doing their helicopter shits and flips.

It was culture shock I tell you.

Of course, many thanks to our beloved DJ Anatta, whose music can influence clubbers to break dance to her progressive house and breakbeats. Looks like the crowd loved her music 😀

Immediately at 230AM, the music ended and lights were turned on. Club Pure closes half an hour earlier than clubs in Kuala Lumpur.
We met DJ Ashvin, DJ Raymond and DJ Alex for supper thereafter. They brought us to Hajjah Mona Asam Pedas @ Taman Kota Laksamana. Each of us had a place of Assam Pari (Sour Stringray). It was bloody excellent. My mouth waters as I type this man!

DJs of Club Pure, Raymond, Ashvin & Alex.

19 thoughts on “DJ Anatta @ Club Pure, Melaka 11 March 2006”

  1. cool a female DJ, the club looks better than some clubs in KL man..dang…looks like a great night..except for the bboy part =P

  2. Xes, you all should have dropped by the disco/club/pub right opposite the (old)Malacca City Jail, that would be an eye-opener, a place where all the “seafoods” gathers and drink COKE!

  3. Pure Bar or Club Pure I guess as it is known now started from a humble cornershop.Only the ground floor of the shop was occupied.
    2 bars and a small dance floor. Frequented by uncles, getting together for a drink. The crowd was hanging out mostly at intro(opposite pure bar)and Aloha(large for Melaka). Fast forward 2 years and I can’t even recognize the place from the pictures. They had good branding and managed to build on that. Furthermore, the place is now packed with young partygoers instead of uncles, hence its evolution from BAR to CLUB.
    However, having spoken to many Melaka party goers, ” nothing beats KL….:)

  4. gosh.
    there has got to be wayyy better pics than me holding my crotch with an extra butt on my left.
    taruh photoshop kasi potong sikit la dei.

  5. Pure bar curently the hottest club in melaka…mostly crowded by MMU(melaka)student.
    The club opposite it “Jack D” not bad ler wei… 11 cun chix waitress :D…if u open “da pao” they will stand beside u the hole night,become your humble servant WEI!! XD

  6. i dont know much abt clubbing. but i’m sure excited too. because of the assam pari. BRING ME THERE SEXXOR#@!

  7. nice open dance floor space .. and eviroment ^^ i wll go down if i go holiday in melaka ^^ cheers !anatta .. send me ur demo ^^

  8. can shufflers go n dance thr i wan to noe dat and i am a 16 years old wan to go but scare kena keong haha funny jor!!!reply jor!!

  9. hey, i stumbled upon this while searching for malacca clubbing scene and was surprised to find Pure. where this pure club at? i cant seem to find the address. can you recommend any other hapenning clubbing scene in malacca? thks.

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