let me be paris hilton

*[warning: EDITED lame post]*
i got a bit worried when xes said that i’d have to wear a paper bag over my head for the free meal sponsored by www.xes.cx for the winner(s) of Where’s Fank_omatic? (which we all know that i won ;p) that i immediately rummaged through my cupboards for a decent paper bag.
so i’ve decided i’ll just use this.
let me be Paris Hilton for a while!!!!
if i don’t have it upside down over my head, i’d have to make some changes and cut out the bottom part of the bag to ensure that paris hilton stays upright.
but if you think about it, it’ll look like my head is right beneath her bum. erm, i don’t think i’ll demostrate.

ok, sorry for this really lame post. just thought you’d be bored with my boy/girl discussions. so, i chose to be lame today. ;PpPpPPPPp
p.s. but damn tiring to hunt for paper bags, you know. [earlier post showed 9 other paper bags.]

7 thoughts on “let me be paris hilton”

  1. I’ll wonder wht you’ll be doing if your head is right beneath her bum. hehe I know what i’ll do. 🙂 *winks*

  2. oops. got typo error. demonstrate.
    DaRkSOuL: wah, i dowanna know wat u going to do, man.
    kian: erm…. aahhhh ….. paperbag leh, not plastic bag. ehhehe…. that would be too transparent. mebbe frank in a plastic bag or see thru raincoat only? ;P

  3. bimbo: Oopss! Plastic bag..haha…anyway, i’m sure we’d love to c u in transparent raincoat..*wink wink* hahaha…

  4. if u ever do use the bag, haha where u gonna put 2 holes on the bag for your eyes? i suggest.. ‘THERE’ hahahaha..
    oh no, laming again :p

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