Doraemon’s Ending – Part II

Last year, I blogged about Doraemon’s ending. As the creator of Doraemon, Fujiko F. Fujio passed away in 1996, there is no official ending. However, there are numerous unofficial endings created by third parties. I found one uploaded at .

The entire episode @ (In Japanese with English translation)
Interestingly, iit was reported that the artist of the above unofficial Doraemon ending had to compensate the publisher Shogakukan Inc. and Fujiko Productions, the management company of late Doraemon creator Fujio F. Fujiko for copyright infringement. . He published a book featuring the above story and sold them online and at Akihabara bookstores for 500 yen apiece. He sold about 13,000 copies.

9 thoughts on “Doraemon’s Ending – Part II”

  1. 1st!
    The adult version. this nobita look damn gaya also. giant look cool but suneo still the same old duck mouth! btw..where is shizuka? where is doraemon?

  2. thanks CL for posting it up…. the story seems sad and touching and I’m looking for that comic book too… wonder if someone in JP can post it over, lolz…
    shizuka is married to nobita. doraemon is erm.. in ‘vegetative’ state…

  3. visitor: havent seen that yet!
    vyctorya: kekekke, its basically about doreamon shutting down suddenly. in order to reactive doraemon, they have ot replace doreamon’s batteries but if they do so, doraemon will lose all his past memory with nobita etc. so nobita decided not to replace doreamon’s battery and decided to study hard and learn everything to save doraemon. many years later, he managed to do so.

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