reinforce 3 layout :D

I got this from Johnson. This is the layout for this weekend’s Reinforce 3 rave.

Check out the Shuffler’s board in front of the DJ console!

I cant wait 😀

However, the problem is, I’ll be having a 10AM class the next day. I’m so gonna die…

12 thoughts on “reinforce 3 layout :D”

  1. oiii!! the layout is P & C wei!! where can show public!! … i think? …aiyah.. skip that class la.. its worth it.. lol

  2. the hell with the shuffler’s board hahahaha *lol*so the rest of us are gonna be dancing on grass or what? why does the sound & lighting stage takes up so much space le ;P

  3. haha it’s like…they’ll call all shufflers to that shuffler board…and just shuffle…and the ‘judges’ will see la…sape canggih dapat hadiah lor

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