Election and F1 day

Malaysia Election Day. TODAY!

Will Barisan National (Governing party) who has been ruling since 1957 win again? Will Barisan National wrestle the state of Terengganu from PAS (opposition Islamic party) this time?

Results will be out soon..

Anyway, off to watch Formula 1 @ the Circuit. Thank youuu soooooooo much Steph and Nik for the tickets!

Picture courtesy of Bernard Loke

Final results!
1 M Schumacher (Ferrari)
2 JP Montoya (Williams)
3 J Button (BAR)
4 R Barrichello (Ferrari)
5 J Trulli (Renault)
6 D Coulthard (McLaren)
7 F Alonso (Renault)
8 F Massa (Sauber)

I didn’t know what the hell was happening throughout the race. Car comes = people cheer, another car comes = people cheers, no car = no cheers.

There weren’t any huge screens to guide us or inform us on what is happening throughout the race. So there we were, baking under the hot sun while being irritated by insects that crawl up our feet. The enthusiasms of the people were gone by the 20th lap. Before that, everyone was screaming and cheering as the race starts.


Formula 1 was great. Well worth the experience! Thank you Steph and Nik! 😀

Well, parking was a pain in the ass. The roadside was filled with cars and the nearest empty spot was miles away from the stadium. However, I found a parking deep inside a plantation. It was filled with bushes and grass. It’s somehow illegal but we had to pay RM10 to park our car there. I had to bang into some bushes and tall grass in order to park my car.

But it was worth it as it was near Sepang track.

Steph and Nik gave me 2 Hill Top tickets. I was hoping for a grand stand ticket actually haha.

Abby Lu, PS, Kiang, Hen and I sat on a grassy hill top over looking 2 corners of the track. The grand stand was far away hence we couldn’t see the start up. As the first lap goes on, everyone stood up to cheer. The piercing sound of the engine wasn’t as loud as I expected. Thank god I didn’t waste my 5 bucks to get earplug from a vendor outside the stadium. Speaking about vendor, the place was swarmed with hawkers selling drinks and food.

Our corner was well fortunate to see an engine blow up. The car was blowing smoke and the driver had to be sent back with a kapcai (low grade motorcycle).

We didn’t stay for the prize giving ceremony cause we couldn’t see a thing. Everyone was rushing out by then. Cars were stuck for hours trying to get out from the parking. I, on the other hand, left the place smoothly. Thanks to our illegal parking operator.

ATTN: My pictures looks a little bit grainy. I’ve no idea why. Further, the scanning process made it even worst..fuck..

9 thoughts on “Election and F1 day”

  1. Heya, I was there at the circuit too! Got G tix..where were u? Dang, Monty lost..but I hv to admit Schumi has a powerful engine! We waited 4 the crowd to be gone, then we visited the main foyer and went into the grandstand area to *cliick click** 🙂 wt shame for kimi raikkonen, so many fans of his this time ard..

  2. Kit Siang and Kapal SInk is back in the Parliment…hehee good good.Luckily I didnt go to F1 man..after hearing all ur parking problems…and the parking costs RM50.was that blown up car kimi’s one?

  3. tori: i was @ the hill top! how much was ur ticket? i heard they were selling it for RM400 !Melissa: yay! alcohol is legal once again!! fuzzy: hehe just got it..but somehow they’re all grainy la..no idea why..SI BEH TuLANSbernard: parking was ok la actually..i went late what 😀 nope..the blowup car was that jap dude i think

  4. now u can see girls with bikinis in terengganu’s beach liao..eheheheoh that blew up car…takuma sato’s honday…3 more laps to go and it gave away..kesiann

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