I miss her :`(

Sigh I am so stressed. Needed to type my feelings out somewhere.. (Bear with me, I needed to do this)

My sis left for Hawaii yestermorning and I couldn’t send her off coz of work. Anyway, everything went fine until her flight KL-Narita got delayed 2 hours so by the time she reached Narita for her connecting flight to Honolulu, she had only 15 minutes to run from one terminal to the other while hearing her name being paged over and over again in the PA system. When she finally reached her gate, they realised that her bags were in the wrong plane hence even more confusion. When she got her bags settled, the officers there stopped her and searched her luggage, pouring out every nicely packed article.

Done with that, she finally got onto the plane, which was obviously delayed. The plane crew of FUCKED UP NORTHWEST AIRLINES and passengers threw her dirty looks and treated her like shit when she was on the plane, eventhough it was not her fault and she owed no-bloody-one of them an explanation. Getting off, she had to endure the latest procedure by the US authorities who took her picture and thumbprint. And she was the only one who had to do it. Damnit, does my sister look like a goddamn terrorist to you? Anyway, in the name of security, they probably got their reasons so fuck it; there was nothing we could have done there.

When she finally came out, she was greeted by her assigned ‘carer’ who then took her to her hotel and left her there. Apparently her job was to only take my sister to the hotel and nothing else, or so she claims. JOY TURNER YOU ARE A REAL BITCH. Well, reaching the hotel didn’t help since she didn’t have a room to go into and she had to wait for vacancy. Finally, after checking into a room? she was overwhelmed with feelings and emotions of having to go through so many hours of confusion and fatigue all alone.

Hearing her crying so hard over the phone so many miles away, just broke my parents and me. She is completely alone there with no contacts, no friends and no idea of how to get around since it was understood that the fucktard-of-a-Joy was suppose to bring her around the campus and island. She doesn?t know where to go, how to get anywhere or what to do. She attempted to take the bus to her campus but since she didn?t have any loose change, the smallest being a one-dollar bill, she wasn?t allowed on the goddamn bus. BUS DRIVER, GO DRIVE STRAIGHT TO HELL.

What a rough way for my sister to find out that it is a cruel, unpredictable world out there. All my family and I can do right now is hope she will settle down fast and comfortably, make some friends and have the good part of her university life there start rolling in. Hopefully her bad luck ends right now, hopefully she will get a decent roommate, get into her chosen classes, live the Hawaiian campus life and finally get to enjoy the fact that she is in such an island resort.

I?m really emotional right now. I wish to be nowhere else but with her and do nothing else but be there for her. I wish I never started work so I could have flew there with her, going through those problems wouldn?t be half as bad if we only had companionship. We tend to underestimated how low loneliness can take us. I hope this experience makes her a stronger person, if not a more cynical one..

I miss her, I miss her like hell. πŸ™

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  1. Send my wishes to your sis, Leong (even though we don’t know each other) … and hope she’ll settle down soon. πŸ™‚

  2. shit.. that’s terrible. if it’s my sister i’d want to go over there and screw all those people though.first i’ll shout at the people giving dirty looks, what the fuck are u guys looking at? never see a person get delayed by plane before? (will try to finish the sentence before i get zapped and sent to anger management class)second i’ll refuse to leave the bus, throw the 1 freaking dollar to the bus driver and say, accept it or that’s your problem. he’ll probably refuse to move but then i’ll be one screaming profanities at him when i finally got off the bus (after enough passengers give evil faces at me and shout at me)and also plan something really evil for this joy turner fella.anyways, if it’s my sis i’d just want as hell to go there and right the wrongs for her.but i probably can’t coz she has to take care of herself now. fate is a bit cruel by dumping it all out at one go. she’ll come out a more street smart and better person, i hope.

  3. hehe wendee it’s time for wen kim to learn how to be independant πŸ˜€ lynnlnnz: aiyo, not my sister la, my sister very old liao..married wif kids somemore πŸ˜€ i think i’ll just copy your design in your website that tells ppl that a guestblogger is blogging πŸ˜€

  4. Leong : Oops. Solli ah. Didn’t notice the “posted by”. But anyhow, send my wishes to wendee sis.And, hello to wen dee. And I think we haven’t met. Hee hee! πŸ™‚

  5. Speaking from personal experience, going through shit that life pours at us would only make us a better person hence the saying, “what doesn’t kill u would only make u stronger”So don’t worry wen dee, i’m quite sure ur sister would take all this shiz well ;)I’m quite sure the 1st lesson she learnt is Americans are the arrogant bastards & bitches people have been saying they are…..well, at least most of them.(I’m not racist or targeting anyone ,neither am I a terrorist.Merely stating a well known fact looking at how bushy is running the country)P.S. “Aloha” can kiss me arse mate and chuck it down ur coconut hole!

  6. if i were you, i’d wish i was there for her too, dee. heck i wish i was there whether i’m family or not. being alone and homesick really..REALLY SUCKS.everyone goes through hard times in life. at some point, you find the need to stand on your own two feet and look at the world in the eye. but i still feel so sad for kim – because she’s young and all that. she shouldn’t have to face the harsh reality at a time like this. and WHY are the PEOPLE in the US such jackasses hah?! couldn’t they have seen the poor girl trying to make her way around it all…alone?! seriously, some courtesy THEY have.but, in the end, i’m pretty sure kim will do fine. she’ll pull through..because she has to. dee..*hugs*..cheer up. even if you can’t be there, you can guide her from oceans apart. all she needs is for you to guide her through the phone, and to listen when she really needs someone.and with such a great big sis that you are, i don’t see why kim should be afraid πŸ™‚

  7. i believe the american airport (immigration, customs, transits, delays) was put in place to increase the foreign student’s appreciation of her/his time when finally in the United States……kim, the worst is over and the gentle breezes of hawaii will be a welcome sight during winter(i’m south of the Canadian border)……next time when u fly, try to schedule your route in such a way where there is at least a 3 hour buffer between flights and have heart in the fact that you were not subject to the invading hands of the INS……also, screaming at airplane crew only guarantees one thing, being put on the 1st flight back to KL……anyway, rock on

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