Fank or Frank

I had the shock of my life when i saw my name on the company’s newly printed letter head.
It say : Fank Wong G.J.
FANK!!! Who is FANK!!!
The other lawyers kept calling me FANK from then on. STUPID PRINTING COMPANY.
Even my boss ask me, how come i don’t know how to write my name properly. I swear it was not me who made the mistake. I had never mispell my name from the first day i knew how to write it in English and Chinese.
Bloody hell…!!! How am i suppose to tell the other fellow lawyers.
“Hello, Frank? How come i cannot find your name on your letterhead”
“oooh..hahahha, Frank is not good for feng shui so i change my name to Fank. My feng sui sifu says it will bring me luck for the dog years”
“oooh ya, i forgot to tell you. I am known as Farouk too. Just wanna let you know la, it is good for Muslim Feng Sui (if there is such thing).”

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