super sized cling wrap

**[disclaimer: a possibly inaccurate personal account on slimming treatment(s), written on 17/01/06.]

chinese new year is just next week!
i must admit (shamefully), i go for slimming treatment(s) in a desperate attempt to lose the extra inches and kilos, to avoid having my cheeks/tummy/thighs/arms/bum mercilessly pinched by my relatives and hearing them say, “wah, aren’t you prosperous? child-bearing hips!! got boyfriend ah? very happy life in kl ah? food there must be good!” and etc..
the slimming treatments differ for different people, depending on their fat content, detoxification, ….. and goodness knows whatever else they can think of la.
on the day of my appointment for treatment, they weigh me before and after the treatment, to record how much weight i’ve lost from the treatment. the worst is if i’ve gained weight between the last and current treatment. =(
in the beginning, i never knew what “wrapping” was.
but i should have guessed that the literal meaning applied.

problem areas [thighs, bum, saddlebags, tummy, arms, double chins, eyebags, earlobes, fingers, feet, etc] will be wrapped up with industrial sized cling wrap after you’re slathered with slimming cream or chilli oil. this is to allow for better penetration of the ‘slimming elements’ to fight the fatty cells in you. *bishpiakpoofbishbishpoing*
it doesn’t work that well apparently, if you do this yourself at home because it has to be REALLY tight.
and i thought of doing it myself to save some money….. *sigh*
and right after i am wrapped up, i am not supposed to eat until i unwrap myself an hour later. but usually i’m too hungry to bother waiting. hehe.

p.s. me not THAT fat. = but in the KL society of super ultra thin teeny tiny petite angelic waifs with stats of 36-21-30, me am fat. *sobs* it’s a cruel cruel world….

21 thoughts on “super sized cling wrap”

  1. frank: alamak, go la supermarket or kedai runcit and buy. ;P
    Devilishaz: ehehe… u never know leh. šŸ˜‰ anyway, mostly must not eat a lot of stuff also la, this dieting stuff. haih…

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  3. Dont think I’ll give it to my relatives on CNY, they definitely smack me with a large trout and scream, “YOU CALLING ME FAT AH?????!”.

  4. wolfx: ooh, i din think of the used wrap la, to give to him. hehe.
    Amos: is that the general stats for girls? dun think that’s mine leh. =)
    Vernon: reminds me of Harry Potter’s uncle. ;P i mean, yr name/nick. ;P
    xes: u dun have relatives wanna diet meh? they may be thankful tho, cos not cheap one .

  5. Amos: ooh. i’d better take my measurements tonite. ;P that’s like perfect hourglass! hmm, boobs also a must for you, by the looks of your “ideal” stats. =))

  6. pokai = nokia = pokia: who’s yip che mei? (a bit the long right, your nick… ;P)
    honfaai: what’s your measurements? ;P you want JolingX to take for you? hehehehe.

  7. wraps only push your fats from one place to another. It doesn’t eliminate ur fats per se.
    What is does is, make your body more shapeful by transferring the fat cells from one part of ur body to another.
    In Thailand, there is a traditional form of moving fat cells from the waist to the breasts of a woman. This is called natural massage enhancing. And it is getting more popular.
    There is one way only to get rid of this fat. That is…to eat lean stuff, less sugar, and exercise a lot. =) Then ifthey want to say you are all flab..they’ll be flabbergasted to find out that you are lean and mean…

  8. correction…should be spelled yip chi mei…shes some vintage hong kong porn icon, dont get me wrong i dont like old chicks..but i heard shes got some excellent body measurements..well so good that some ‘tai pau’ within klang valley named after her…haha…’yip chi mei’s tai pau’. Yum! haha

  9. nola. obviously i know measuring tape la. but i mean. the first digit is measure where? breast? 2nd measure? waist? 3rd? what? penis?

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