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The long awaited Park Shuffle has been postponed till further notice. This was due to the fact that many people may turn up. Since the Malaysian government has low tolerance towards unlicensed gatherings, this would be a huge risk for everyone. The organizers tried to make it into a closed event but the news of the event spread like wildfire. Even Cris’s 16 years old brother heard about it!!
Further, there seems to be a confusion between Park Shuffle and another rave which would be held in another park. The other event is a free Garden Rave Party at Jalan Desa Maju, Tamam Desa. At that Garden rave, free food and shutter service will be provided. Well, in Park Shuffle, invitees would have to bring food and drinks to be shared among everyone.
Oh well. Anyway, this Friday!! TECHNO!!
Red Bull Presents Adam Beyer
14 January, 11pm
Young Adam Beyer will take to the helm at Zouk with his skills and sounds breaking away from the norm and attracting worldwide attention. Join him, one of the top ranking techno DJs for an unforgettable night.
RM40 (guys, inclusive of 1 drink, after 11pm), RM35 (ladies, inclusive of 1 drink, after 11pm), RM30 (inclusive of 1 drink, before 11pm)
113 Jalan Ampang, Kuala Lumpur
Tel : 03-2171 1997
Train: Bukit Nanas (Monorail)/Dang Wangi (Putra)
E-mail : info@zoukclub.com.my
Lastly, here are some shuffling videos from paulo. Great stuff dude!

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  1. this park shuffle is it a closed event organised by locals with melb shufflers? or just your group of friends organising it?

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