So u wanna be boy scout…

Anyone of you who had been a boy scout, Boy’s Brigade or whatever uniform organisation might remember being told about the taboo while you were camping in the forest. The rules that i remember are:
1. Don’t talk loudly in the forest
2. Don’t simply pee around the forest.
3. Don’t shine your torch light at the banana tree at night
4. Don’t talk bad about the forest
5. Don’t…..ummm, i forgot…
Anyway if you don’t obey those rule, the forest Godness will be on your ass. For instance Puteri Gunung Ledang (The Princess of Ledang Mountain) will be out hunting you down and make you her sex slave.
You might be saying “Oh no! Does that mean i will never be able see my mummy again?”
mmmm…yeah, that is true but will you have second thought if she looks like this?

You might now say “Ma Ma Mi Ah…*slurps* slurps*”

16 thoughts on “So u wanna be boy scout…”

  1. anjali: hhe yeah!! this reminds me of a story a friend of mine told me when he ws camping in the jungle. in the middle of the night, while inside his small polyester tent, he notice that he was surrounded by something. Despite the darkness, he could see a million eyes watching him….oh my goddd

  2. hmmm frank, ur series of “SO U WANNA …” is getting more & more erotic! haha! keep up e “good” work!
    if there is such a goddess in e jungle, i dun mind going jungle trekking anytime. catch me oh goddess! i am all urs!
    on a more serious note, i am no superstitious person, but i do try 2 behave myself when i am in e jungle. i had seen myself e results of those surviving jungle trekking in a pretty bad shape when i was camping with them in e past. then again, it may not b becoz of e spirits of e jungle.
    who knows? just follow e old sayings will do.

  3. Other No in forest…
    Don’t call people name, the God will pull their spirits away.
    Don’t pee without asking permission, your boy boy will expand like a thick red frankfurt.
    This is a nice pic.

  4. xes: Maybe she is the Mosquitoes demoness ler?
    anjali: Ya, that one. Can’t be anyone of your gal fren wearing perfume in the jungle lar cos perfume attract mosquitoes
    DieHardX: I still remember that guy who was possessed by demon during one of the BB’s camp in Bako National Park. Scary, man.
    iHafnObaLLz: Dun know, i have to call her n ask lar. BTW, why dun u try asking Puteri Santubong too.
    Saphiryn: That can be done on request.
    Darren: Try Templer National Park in PJ or Bukit Nanas Reserve Forest, the Godness might like you.
    fish fish: Japs are good photographers. =)

  5. hei, Can somebody be kind enough to tell me whether the scouts ever have camp in templer Park before. A 3-day 2 nites camp is what i mean. i’m searching for some information for a project. Thanx alot. Please send it to may mail.

  6. WEHHH… kalau aku terjumpa di dalam hutan, banyak orang akan cabut lari lo.. termasuk aku juga.. sebab dalam hutan, benda-benda macam ini tidak masuk akal., tentu lah nama nya HANTU……! kuntilanak…… itu…

    Notice where you in forest…
    Don’t speak loud to call people name, becouse something evil to answer you!
    Don’t pee without asking permission, please datok saya nompang kencing!
    and when you see something like this, run as you can ! kuntilanak ……avoid to meet her..

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