Fitness First Rock Climbing Challenge @ The Curve

My friends have been telling me that Fitness First is giving out free Spiderman tickets for those who entered this challenge. The rules were pretty simple, complete the route within 20 seconds.
Last Saturday was the last day for the public to join the challenge. Melvin forced me to go O_O Nevertheless, I want to win 2 Spiderman movie tickets.
The route was pretty simple, 5C. It’s like climbing a ladder. However, I was told that the handholds were pretty slippery. Fortunately, a friend was working there, he loaned me his chalk.

Since all I have to do is top the route within 20 seconds. I took my own sweet time and slowly ascended the route. I slipped after the last handhold after I failed to hold on to the top edge of the wall, which is after the last hand hold. Usually, when one touches the top edge, the route is completed. However, my belayer didn’t let me down. Must be a n00b belayer.

I had to reclimb. Nevertheless, I finished it in 17 seconds.
After coming down, I was told that, in order to complete the route, all I have to do is touch a white box which is below the top edge. I could have finished the route below 17 seconds if I knew about that O_O|||
Fine, it’s good enough for me, so long I get my tickets. Then I was told that if I finished the route within 10 seconds, I can qualify for the finals. O_O||| I should have climbed faster. O_O|||
Fine, it’s good enough for me, so long I get my tickets.

ivN climbed as well. That n00b finished it 22 seconds.
So I happily went to collect my prize, my sweeeetttt Spiderman ticketssss from the counter girl.
I was given a bottle of 100 plus and a fridge magnet.
Me: How about the movie tickets???
Girl: Sorry, finished already

45 thoughts on “Fitness First Rock Climbing Challenge @ The Curve”

  1. z0MG! I bet I could do better the 2nd try!
    Anyway my first time climbing! It felt g00d!
    haha. u n00b!! 😉

  2. zOmg! iv’N climbed?!?!?!!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!??!?!?!!?
    aHAAHHAAHAHAHAHahAHAHAHAHAHAHAH i wish i had been there to see!
    WTF you got cheated!!! you wanted the tickets not the bloody 100 plus!

  3. wtf!! didnt they let you know that the tickets are limited whatsover? dang! well, it’s alright. at least you’ve got something on hand to decorate your fridge and to quench your thirst -_-”

  4. lol…good story.
    Wonder how many tickets they had in the first place? 20 tickets to give away for a 3 day event maybe?
    Good on you iv’N for having a go mate!

  5. hahahahahahaha!!!! Delta Rovers is burnt down!!! bwahahahahaha!! wait ur a delta fan right? or a summit fan? anyways, summit is havin a climbin comp this 20th may

  6. i was there! i was there!!
    the route was pretty simple. first try i got 14 seconds. after that my friend and i kept on challenging each other just for fun. my fastest time was 10 seconds.
    oh and i did get the spider-man tickets. i guess by the time you were there they finished distributing it. the climbing challenge was from tuesday until saturday, and there was only two theater halls booked for fitness first. they probably had maybe 20 tickets per day to be given out?
    oh i was told the fastest person was francis. he finished it in about 4 seconds. O_O!

  7. you should have told them you’re a lawyer. and that the T&C not displayed. bwahahhahahahha.

  8. u should have tell the girl, u’ll settle it over a dinner, if she is leng lui la..
    wtheck, jus ask them to queue up to buy the tickts for u…AHHA

  9. Hahaha. I was really expecting a stupid comment from mr. lx. I guess I must be psychic cos I guessed correctly.
    Seriously la lx. What the fuck is your problem? Were u even there in the first place to see people climb? Have u even tried climbing before?
    Oh wait, last time I saw you, you’re as thin as a pole. A gust of wind could really blow you away.
    You know what lx. Stop being a faggot, hiding behind the Internet. Come meet me face to face and give me all your fucking rude comments that you would like to say, and we’ll see what will happen okay? And don’t be a pussy bringing your whole gang of friends with you. If you have any friends in the first place.
    Deal? Or are you just going to say “pffftttt” like you always do?
    I’m trying to live a peaceful life after all the shit I’ve been through, but if you’re going to be an arsehole to me, then I don’t mind going back to my old days.
    To xes, sorry for fighting on your website.

  10. Luxifer : ya wei delta rovers burnt down =(
    i used to go to summit but I can’t tahan the traffic jam to get there la…
    i heard rumours that they are going to build a climbing gym in midvalley. and rumours has it that it’s going to be by delta rovers. we’ll just see lah

  11. Oh and by the way lx.
    I know lah a lot of people look up to you / respect you / worship you / suck up to you in
    That’s why you’re having your ego trip.
    But the fact is, this is not clept. And in case you haven’t noticed, there are quite a number of people here who are fed up with you. While they may choose to just ignore you, I choose not to.
    But like I said, no point fighting behind the Internet.

  12. erm.. Luxifer.. it’s baburs. not babarus =P
    camp 5? isn’t francis an instructor for the delta rover’s climbing gym?
    my friends and i heard a lot of rumours about how and why the delta gym burnt down.. something to do with insurance.. but i don’t want to say anything more cos it might not be true.
    i also heard a lot of stories about camp 5 from my friends working there. the politics in there and all… not so nice it seems.. oh well, as long as it doesn’t bother me.
    and lx, i’ve put a link to my friendster profile so you can take a good look at my face and come look for me if you want to.

  13. electronicfly: babarus… sounds like barbarian. heh.
    neh i’m satisfied with my height. but yea i guess i do need more sleep. but at least i keep healthy by eating multi vitamins! yay!

  14. Xes, the competition is for top 30 of 3 days can enter finals on Sunday morning, where all get Spiderman 3 tickets and faceoff for grand prize Fitness First free membership. Francis was an instructor in Summit saw in TV b4, no chance lah u guyz 😛 Btw I saw Spidey 3 d, not too bad hehe.

  15. panda. ive seen you in recent events in kl when i was back then. doing your panda liquid mate??…hahahah
    cunt….back to your old days…pffttt…
    wait till im back from melb G Head

  16. Yea. Well I’ve seen you when you were in KL. So called ‘sic’ dancer. Pfftt. More like suck. But who gives a fock about dancing anyway. It’s just a dance.
    Oh and just for the record, I went through your friendster profile. You claim yourself to be eccentric? PFFTT!
    “Eccentricity refers to unusual or odd behavior, contrasted with normal behavior.”
    So what exactly makes you eccentric? The fact that you’re rude, obnoxious, arrogant, self-centered? Dude.. sorry to burst your bubble, but that’s so normal.
    And just to add some further quotes..
    “Many individuals may even manifest eccentricities consciously and deliberately, in attempting to differentiate themselves from societal norms or enhance a sense of inimitable identity; given the overwhelmingly positive stereotypes (at least in pop culture and especially with fictional characters) often associated with eccentricity, it would seem only natural that certain individuals would seek to be associated with this sort of character type. However, this is not always successful and the individual in question may simply be dismissed by others as just seeking attention.”
    “A person who is simply in a “fish out of water” situation is not, by the strictest definition, an eccentric since, presumably, he may be ordinary by the conventions of his native environment.”
    You’re not eccentric. You’re just a sad child seeking attention. Sucks to be you.
    So when are you coming back from Melbourne? Be more detailed in your replies lah. And pardon my ignorance, what’s a G head? Sorry it may be an Australian term I’m not familiar with since I’ve only been there once. But if you’re referring to ganja, I don’t do that stuff any more. Though in your pictures you do look like a crack head. Go eat some weight gain lah.
    I pity your mum because I’m sure when her friends sees you they’ll be asking your mum,
    “doesn’t your son eat enough?”

  17. Didn’t u see that I mention the word “quotes”? And plus I put in the “” which means to quote. Didn’t you learn citation? Though I admit I forgot to mention the source. Man.. I didn’t know you were blind too.

  18. Since I can’t seem to post on the tag board, here’s my reply to your question lx, about why I wore long sleeves. Please take note of the past tense yea.
    “Dude. You need to keep up with the times lah. I don’t wear long sleeves anymore. Sheesh. So called eccentric. You’re not even observant enough to notice details, how else can you find unconventional solutions to problems, which is a characteristic of eccentricity by the way in case you’re that daft to know. Which I think you are. And I don’t ride a motorcycle. How can I be a rempit? Or are you being racist by classifying all Malays as rempits? If you are, then good luck to you in the future. Companies don’t like to hire racists. FYI, I was wearing long sleeves to cover my scars until they healed, which they already have.”

  19. Sorry lah.. It’s just human pride. When someone undermines another’s capability, of course one would get offended. And when one is offended, one would obviously defend themselves.
    To xes…. I’m really really sorry for tainting your website with all this.

  20. was there :p finished it in 14 secs on first try :p
    and yeah, no bloody tix, kena tipu, wtf. bitches.
    midvalley got place to build climbing gym meh????????

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