Revolutionary Cleavage

I checked my chest and I don’t seem to have enough flesh to force a “revolutionary cleavage”!
It doesn’t wobble that much either.

20 thoughts on “Revolutionary Cleavage”

  1. ah. i wish i could push more flesh into the bra cups like that but i don’t think i’ve enough flesh to attain such peaks HAHAHA.
    was being fitted for a dress once when the shop lady just walked in while i was semi dressed and did that to me. yes, the pull flesh into cups action.
    left me rather stunned.

  2. “Revolutionary fitting”??
    It just looks like pushing the flesh together and tightening the bra straps to make it seem like the boobs are spilling out of the cup.
    Revolutionary indeed. . .

  3. Applegal: yeah! notice how the straps are right below the armpit. now isn’t that uncomfy…… i tried and my flesh just moved back to its original position, by the side of the boobs. sigh.

  4. bimbobum i am very interested in this profession of making a revolutionary cleavage, and i am in need of a model to enable me to practice and demonstrate, and i was wondering if you would be interested in being my model. if i master this profession it would be for the good of all womenkind as all women will get to have the revolutionary cleavage.

  5. acid: ehehehe
    chuoming: i do not think i have the assets. 😉
    electronicfly: bra too small mebbe!
    baburs: still staring at them, wobbling boing boing? ;P

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