Jessie Chung – Loving You (New Release)

Malaysian Jessie Chung made the headlines last year by marrying her boyfriend Joshua Beh in a lavish wedding ceremony was held at a five-star hotel attended by 800 friends and relatives in Kuching.

Now, she once again made it to the newspaper with her newest album “Loving you”. Her previous two albums A Heart Filled With Love and There Is Decision were recorded six to eight years ago when she was still physically a man.

Chung, whose original name was Jeffrey, underwent three operations to become a woman three years ago.

More info at:-
Jessie Chung Official website:-

Definately another Malaysia Boleh moment.

Definately another zomG! moment too.

20 thoughts on “Jessie Chung – Loving You (New Release)”

  1. can she sing?? well i mean like a manly sounded girl?? imagine, u see “her” mtv… wah so cute~ then suddenly loving you!! with brad pitt’s sound… wtf

  2. It was in Karamunsing, piffles 🙂 No, like the advertisement for the win the BMW contest? The nurse with the gruff voice: “Yes, smsitis!” Hahahahahaha! XD

  3. pikey: zomg! so any comments from her? keke
    piffles: since u’re in KK, buy a copy and write a review on your blog pls :p hhee
    Darren: yeah!
    alive: i think if you liste nto 98.8 u can hear adverts promoting her song
    endroo G: for love? eheh
    Epel: i hearrd her song on the radio. so-so i think.

  4. xes: her voice was so sweet 2 like her face!!!
    jen: i had see her face b4 she surgery, so handsome but only short(in men la)but now in a girl was standard about her height
    juzl: i think so^_^

  5. i know her, she is my teacher when in college…
    she is very friendly, kind, and also “sui” lah~
    Wai Sia Man, she really pretty loh~
    i got her CD too,
    can contact me
    i can send free by pos to u if some 1 buy two or above, but only for Malaysia lah~
    nice song oh~

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