Mooncake festival!

Fetched Tom from Legend hotel at 7pm. We are going to have dinner with my parents. Unfortunately, the restaurants we wanted to bring Tom to weren’t open. We decided to bring him over to Pearl View Restaurant, a hawker centre nearby. Dad ordered loads of food, roasted bbq pork, tofu, pork feet and coconut. Tom tried all of them and he liked the BBQ pork better. He said the BBQ pork here is much better than UK’s. I ordered a Fukien noodle for him but he barely finished it, probably because he’s very much full.

After dinner, we headed home and showed Tom some of the lanterns. Mum lighted some candles while Tom and I started lighting the lanterns. We took a picture after we put up some lanterns. Mum gave Tom a moon cake and a langsat to try. But it seems Tom forgot to bring the mooncake home. Mum also gave Tom an ‘angpow’, she said ‘for good luck’ when she handed the red packet to him.

Tom doesn’t speak much. I had to talk a lot of crap to entertain him. Even dad had to talk to entertain him. Tom might be getting a DJ residency in Backroom club (one of the big clubs in Kuala Lumpur). However, his visa doesn’t include a working permit but nevertheless he still could work. According to him, Backroom is owned by one of the members of the royal family and he could easily settle the immigration problem if there is any.

Tom and I headed to the night market next. Unfortunately, most of the stalls aren’t open due to the moon cake festival. We took a short walk, bought sugar cane juice for Tom to try but he complained that it was too sweet. I wanted to get some Chinese cakes for him to try but there wasn’t any stalls selling them. We decided to check out the pirated vcds and cds before sending Tom back to his hotel.

Melody and I played with the lanterns and candles at my place as soon as I sent Tom back. There were plenty of mosquitoes but it did not dampen our Moon cake festival spirit! Chee Ming, from out of nowhere, suddenly drops by at my place. Apparently he was supposed to go to Bangsar to meet up with his girlfriend but he changed his mind as soon as he caught in a jam. Chee Ming lighted some candles but all he did was just sit down on the sofa and chatted. Few minutes later, both of my tenants, MeiMei and Quo Xin joined us. According to Quo Xin (my tenant from China), they don’t have such small little paper made lanterns in China. All they had is huge beautiful lanterns hung on the house during the Moon cake festival. Chee Ming, as usual, got bored, headed to somewhere else after an hour. My dad once said Chee Ming has a resemblance with a monkey. Both of them can’t sit down quietly.

We then went for a stroll on my street with our lanterns. Each of us had a different coloured lantern and the whole street was completely empty. It was a short walk but it was perfectly fun.
I’m going to play football tomorrow morning again. It’s been days since I got a good night sleep.

11:50PMHappy Chinese Moon cake festival!!

Cris and I went raving at Atmosphere last night. Lisa Lashes was absolutely great. Her hard thumping high-energy hard house got us moving throughout the whole night.

Cris and I moved back and forth to find a perfect spot to shuffle. Initially, we were at the dance floor with Jessie (she came with her friends). Soon, it began to pack. Every around us started bumping into us and pushing us. Things got worst as soon as I smelled someone’s smelly feet. Euw. We finally found a perfect place, huge spot with sofas, slippery floor, not much of a pathway and there was already a small group of people who could shuffle there!

There was a technical error while Lisa was spinning. It seems there was something wrong with the turntables and it took a long time for them to fix it. Everyone booed and loads of people left within minutes. Cris quickly took a bucket of ice from a table and we started eating it. About 15 minutes later, the music was back and everyone was back on the dance floor. Our bucket of ice was almost empty by then.

While resting, I saw this Caucasian sitting not far from me. He looked familiar and dressed familiar. He was wearing this Cyberdog tshirt (a branded Clubbing attire in UK) with spiky hair and glasses. He looks exactly like a friend of mine from Sheffield Uni. I approached him. “Hey mate, are you from Sheffield?” He replied, “yeah!” I then said, “I know you! I’m Leong remember me? From the Clubbing Society!” He was stunned and surprised. Tom was our President for Sheffield Uni’s Clubbing Society and now he just graduated, working in Kuala Lumpur as a DJ. Apparently he’ll be in KL for a year. We chatted for a while and I invited him for dinner tomorrow night.

Cris and I left at 3:50AM, as soon as Lisa stops spinning. It was a great night!