Wei Chen’s Birthday 2005

Happy Birthday to Wei Chen & Sharon who coindentally share the same birthday 😀
We bombarded Wei Chen (pronounced Wei Chen, NOT WHEEL CHAIR. LOL!!!) @ Finnegan’s. I was surprised to see my old time favourite, Snack Bite Black on the menu. I immediately ordered it and was followed by Sow, Wei Chen and Ivan.
Apparent there were 2 types of Snake Bite Black at Finnegan’s menu, one called Real and another one Softie Snake Bite Black. The price difference is about RM10. I was lucky to have the Softie Snake Bite Black as it was exactly like the one I used to have in England. However, Sow, Ivan and WC got the real Snake Bite Black which tasted really bad as it has a strong peppermint smell. It tasted like the Around the World Cocktail which is one shitty drink.
We bought Wei Chen a flaming Lamborghini as well. It was in a tower form. Unfortunately, the waiter who seems very inexperience couldn’t get the things to work. The flame didn’t even reach the bottom of the drink!!!

Wei Chen sees his life flashes by..

Suck it Wheelchair, suck it!!
Someone: Hey it’s not working!!
Waiter: (Silence) …..
Ivan: WOI!!! REFUND!!!!!
Unfortunately, Wei Chen didn’t puke or got into really bad shape. He could still walk straight! GAHHHHH PISSES ME OFF!

5 thoughts on “Wei Chen’s Birthday 2005”

  1. xes: OMG, snake bite black….let’s get u drunk on snake bite black during ur birthday this year!!! hehehehhe….a de ja vu of ur birthday 3 years ago

  2. frank: oooo..those were the days…
    Darren: YAYAYAYA , but not on my birthday!
    iamdumb: dont bluff la. u are l4m3 hehe

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