weihai’s graduation day

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Finally organised Finland trip photos into a gallery 😀


Congratulations to Zing, Levin and Wei Chen. Finally, after 8 months, Monash University held the convocation ceremony at Sunway Resort Hotel Ballroom, lovely place with expensive looking chandelier. As usual, we had photography session and even freeloaded Zing’s graduation shot. The entire gang was featured in Zing’s professional photo shoot.

Sunway Ravi’s mamak.
Ladies and Gentlemen, once again I present you Gavin Tan! *clap clap clap* *standing ovation*

After the convocation, the gang went to Sunway Ravi’s mamak, which is just directly opposite Sunway Hotel. Gavin, our hero, ordered ice lemon tea and so did Wen Dee and I. We were happily chatting and drinking our expensive drinks (the ice lemon tea cost us RM3) until I notice something in Gavin’s drink. It looks like a dry leaf but I decided to tease Gavin. I said, “Ehh..looks like cockroach’s leg”. We took the cup and inspected. It was really a cockroach’s leg!

Gavin jumped out from his seat and started spiting what he just gulped. We called the fellow in charge but he was pretty rude. All he did was taking the drink away and came out with a new ice lemon tea. Who the fuck wants to drink it?? He wasn’t apologetic either and in fact he didn’t even say the word sorry. So Gavin and I headed to Sunway Hotel Reception to get the number of the person in charge of Sunway Ravi. The operation manager came and apologized profusely. Faith and Zing made an official complaint about the guy who attended us rudely. When we left, we could see the operating manager screwing the rude fellow. Unfortunately, even though we had digital 3 cameras with us, we didn’t manage to take the picture of the drink.

Poor Gavin, hope he wakes up with diarrhea tomorrow. Ha ha.

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