Germany ‘06 Kick Off Party at A Famosa Resort

The publicity given to this event was overwhelming. Newspapers were reporting about it, radio stations were blaring about it and most friends were talking about it as well. Further, I heard that although the official closing time would be extended from 3AM to 5AM! Also, I heard the venue would be bigger than the one at Sepang where Tiesto spun.

With Hard style DJs like Bass Agents, Kai Tracid, Thrillseekers, K90 and BK on the DJ list, it gave me the impression that the night is going to be one crazy night with hard thumping music all night long.
The venue is quite obscure, we have to drive through a small village that made it seem that we are driving to no where. Further, a signboard with an arrow saying “Dusun (plantation)” made us feel that we are going on the wrong direction. But the venue is actually a posh housing area, with bungalow houses scattered around.

However, getting into the venue was not that pleasant. After paying RM5 for the parking fee..

ivN: Where is the car park? (expecting a helpful answer)
Female Parking attendance:’s near the party…
“-_- WTF! Of course it’s near the party!

Then on the way into the parking lot, ivN asked another parking attendance.

ivN: Where is the car park??

The parking attendance waved his baton and screamed, “PARKING!!!!!”

Setting aside the unhelpful comments from the staff of the party, the venue was excellent (although a bit far from the parking lot). The sound system was excellent and entry was a breeze as well. I heard the venue is big enough to fit more than 10,000 people.

Unfortunately, the 10,000 capacity venue was not fully utilized. The place was less than half full although clubbers from all over Malaysia (especially Kuala Lumpur and Melaka) were aware of such rave. The response to this rave was a flop.

But I must comment about the beer. IT WAS FREEZING COLD. COLD BEER GAHHH

Jovi & I

Melvin the Liar

WillytheKid & I

Sharon & I

Edwin & I

Kok Wing & Jovi

Winkris! & I…

eraine & winkris

Johnson’s brother in law..’s bro

Big Ben. HAHA!

Ken, YC, Hoong & Jon

ivN & Jin Wye

Johnson & friends.

As for the music, the Thrillseekers got the dance floor moving. But BK slowed the night by playing some slow stuff. WHERE IS THE HARD HOUSE THAT IS HE SUPPOSED TO PLAY!!?? But my hope for a hard thumping night didn’t die as I was hoping that Kai Tracid and K90 would play something hard to save the night.

Further, we had the opportunity to meet Kai Tracid on the dance floor. Edwin brought him around the dance floor and introduced him to us. The meeting brought my hopes high as by strolling around the dance floor, he would sort of guess what type of music does the crowd wants.

Sharon & Kai Tracid

Kai Tracid & I

Unfortunately, Kai Tracid played electro and progressive trance. It was so slow until more than half of the dance floor left and the majority of the remaining half was sitting on the floor. By 2:30AM, 30 minutes away from the official closing time and 2 and a half hour from the unofficial time, the 10,000 over capacity venue was almost deserted.

Dancefloor at 2:30AM.

Feeling disappointed, we left the place at 2:30AM without even waiting for K90 to takeover. Yet another disappointing night.

24 thoughts on “Germany ‘06 Kick Off Party at A Famosa Resort”

  1. cheh! of course the sound system is nice.its from my company wut~Sound & Light for tat party sure is nice.but heck.i took part on setting it up..but i came down back to kl on friday.setting evrything up making us menangis.ME Especially! OUCH!

  2. Slinky: yeah man. not many college chicks! hehe
    Darren: um , it didnt really end early la, just that the music was quite a turn off and as such many people left
    avalon: AHHAahHAha wat happened la?
    wendy: u working for SES too?

  3. CL,nope. I don’t work for SES. I work near your office, remember?
    SES is in Sg. Buloh.. am just close to SES to know people working in there. Can’t seem to figure out anybody who would go online in SES. hehe… *curious*

  4. Wendy : yes~my name is Andrew..i’m working freelance lol…u might not know me tat well..

  5. oh… freelance huh? so you’re working part time for SES only right? you kuat promote SES so I thought you’re SES’s staff but just couldn’t figure out who would do that in SES 😉 SES too many part timers…I wouldn’t know all of them. Nice knowing you now… have fun~

  6. Wendy : i kuat promote any company i’m wroking with also wut…jus tat i love to do these kinda stuff..not promoting..but events..
    XES : well ur at the party…imagine packing all the sound and lighting…at midnight summore…till morning..then afternoon finish..u say la why~can u imagine?

  7. wendy: ohhhh.. i was wondering which wendy is this!
    tay: sorry no videos for those who ffk! eheh!
    galferari: umm for me, i wear it cause i’m worried that it might rain 😀
    avalondevil: aiyo poor guy.

  8. kai’s set was good if it was on its own. to be slotted in between the other harder sets just made everyone felt a bit weird and out of place for that 2 hrs, because the flow of the party was totally cut off immediately.
    i’d say the person who did the dj bookings should learn more about the djs and their latest styles first before doing the lineups in the first place.
    it may seem like a sensible lineup prior to going for the event. but a DJ’s style afterall, may somewhat change through time with his experiences and explorations.

  9. That night was High.. DJ’s was Awesome!
    The corn rows hair maxis girl was sporting ;D
    It’s true the crowd doesn’t reach the number it should have, but it still kicks~
    By the time i was going to leave , i juz found something… “”The flag symbol face painting near entrance was FREE !!Argg!! “”
    Chivas Voyage ok also..the dance floor was so squeezed like hell , lot’sa space girl & babes. Juz their DJ’s not as good as Dj’s in kick off party , music beat abit zzz..

  10. tay: actually, the reason why i wear a cap is so my hair doesn’t bounce around when i dance. Plus it keeps the sweat from getting into my eyes =)
    xes: yea was wondering where you disappeared… see johnson got it right, he stayed til the end =p we suffered through kai’s set but it’s all good K90 made it all better… ehehhe.

  11. i remember what i wore la that night. green top with short skirt. and my friend the one with white tube and pink sling bag haha.

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