21 thoughts on “Good News to Guys!”

  1. guys in G-string? euw. then they do the muscle bounce from left to right, right to left, with their bum?

  2. AvalonDevil: there –> pointing towards JolingX. She doesn’t wear underwear!
    piffles: bounce wat muscle?? want to demonstrate for us??? teehehee…
    puhyah: glad you do…
    Mary: hmm..i’ve not seen guys in g-strings. Perhaps we can persuade piffles to show us…
    karheng: boys don’t wear underwear like JolingX ??

  3. Those who are not accustomed to G-string (no relations or whatsoever to me)… will often try to dig their anus thru the pants… to ease the itch.. man, whatever.
    Even I’ve seen ladies… while walking… doing some disgust things to ease their itch.. like walking as if they have “long-short legs”. You know.
    Just how I know they are wearing Gs? That certainly cannot be learned thru readings. Ha. 🙂

  4. When I say guys in Gs are hot, I solely referred to those who have solid bums else it’s quite off-putting. Having said that, it’s the same for girls.
    Endroo, I suppose those are dirty Gs. I’ve never experienced itch. Haha.

  5. deveilishaz: ooh..i’ve not seen a transparent g yet…perhaps, it will make a great belated birthday present!
    *hint hint**
    Mary: ewww..dirty underwear!! *blek**
    endroo: from experience, wearing gs are similar to wearing contact lenses – u hardly feel the difference. Unless it’s not clean, then…
    *scratch scratch** LOL!!
    xes: in conclusion, this post is /(*O*)\

  6. Ferari, i wanna tell you all i never wear a G before…. a friend wore it and I observed his antics. That was it. I’m not seeing him anymore now. Maybe I should try it myself and see the outcome. Ha.

  7. i think the 18th Century underwear is the most comfortable one!
    so lose and airy…. and has lace too!!
    endroo: u were seeing a ‘him’ who wears gs… how interesting!
    *get it?!?!?*
    teehehee…just pulling ur leg, kay?!

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