Hamtaro…..awwwwwwww….so cute

Introducing, a korean anime (correct me if i am wrong), HAMTARO.

awwwwwwwwwwwwww………….so cute!!!!!!!!!!!
Hamtaro is the name of one the hamster. He is the star of the show.

16 thoughts on “Hamtaro…..awwwwwwww….so cute”

  1. Hamha! (that’s Hello in Ham-Ham language)
    Hamtaro’s picture no. 11. The rest are his gang – The Ham-Hams! And oh, Hamtaro’s japanese 😉 Ookyoo!

  2. A girl went crazy over these “hamsters”. Then she went and buy real hamsters and start naming them after hamtaro and the gang.
    The they all died from starvation.

  3. dracolshian: Yes, u r right.
    karheng: We decided to be cute for a moment =P
    JolingX: Hey babe, next time find cute doggy doggy for u, kay.
    Ben: But they r still so cute…like mickey. So old ady but still so cute.
    honfaai: I am not their fan too but they are cute.
    jul: nie chung yi mou?
    Lynnzter: Lynn, u r right!!! Hamtaro is jap meh? Thought it’s korean..thanks for the clarification.
    DieHardX: No, i am not. You are just jealous cos hamtaro-kun is cute.
    gguni: So sad one, the story. =P

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