Nick’s Birthday

Ladies and Gentleman,
This is Nick. One of my best buddy from A-level days. Nick is my fellow Man Utd fan, my ex sleeping partner in class, my ponteng kaki, sometimes my cybercafe kaki, sometimes my clubbing kaki and always will be my football kaki.

We celebrated Nick’s belated birthday on Friday (26/4/2005). Instead of having dinner at boring, pretentious western food restaurant, we had sea food, the china man style in Klang.

Yee Ming brought two bottles of white wine. The white wine went exceptionally well with the crabs…yummy!!!
But, looks like Nick enjoyed prawns more than crabs

Nick: shut up, i am trying to focus here
Then Nick showed us, how good he was at peeling prawns’ skins.

waaaaa…so fast!!! aaaaaaaah…my eyes!!!
Then we headed down to Zouk because Nick my Man here had 30 invitations to Cleo Bachelor of the year party.

That was us in the car on our way to Zouk.
WTF! Yee Ming, keep your eyes on the road, not the camera.Unfortunately, our night in Zouk was quite uneventful. Pretty boring if u ask me.

Inside Zouk
We were definately not very pleased.

CJ and me, not very pleased

Nick and Yee ming, stoned due to the boredom
Happy Birthday Nick…you’re the man-bitch that every man want to have as a buddy. =P

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  1. The restaurant looks familiar…. There’s two sections right, indoors and outdoors? And the indoors section, does it have a stage?

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