The Client part 3

I am very stress out this week…so i am gonna bitch a lot.

I am at the bloody OR office 4 times this week. My face is on their blacklist now. All of them will give me the lansi “what do you want look” from now onward.

Anyway Mr.C, the client whom i am doing the file for isn’t helping at all. He think since i am helping him with his legal issue, i am his slave.

Mr.C: Can you pass the document to my place, NOW!!!

me: Where is your place.

Mr.C gave me the name of his place.

me: I don’t know how to go there. BTW, i am not from KL so i am not very familiar with the roads.

Mr.C: Where are you from?

me: Sarawak. (a state in the East Malaysia which the West Malaysian think that is extremly backward and the people there still live on trees)

Mr.C: ooooh (in a you are so ulu tone!!!)

Later at night,

Mr C: Where is my document?

me: I am gonna drop it at your place later.

dooooooooooooooooooooo…he put down the phone. Fucker, how rude!!!

Since he had been extremly rude and lansi (arrogant) to me, i am not gonna be nice to him either. Anyway, who is he to order me around after 5:30pm. I decided to go over his place at 10:30. First, i went to One Utama to have Burger King with my friend. Also, to clarify the directions from my friend.

By 10:30, i went and dropped the documents at his condo’s guard house. Then, i called him…I know lar, i am not suppose to call someone whom i don’t know very well after 10pm but hell, i am professional. Further, i must be responsible to my client. So i couldn’t be arsed about manner, i WILL call him!!!

me: Hello, C. I dropped your documents at your guard house.

C: *sleepy voice* mmmm…ooooh.

After that, i called my big boss to inform him about this..
*background music* bom chi bom chi bom chi

Boss: Frank, speak up! I am in a pub. I cannot hear you!!

There were a lot of girls laughing at the background…

Walou, that is the difference between an associates and the managing partner.

Note: I know there are a lot of mistake with tenses but i can’t be arsed to correct them. If you wanna complain, you have to buy me a jug of beer first.

6 thoughts on “The Client part 3”

  1. ROFL! Frank, don’t worry! I’ll soon join you in the Club. But one thing for sure, you have a better temper than I do. So you can go figure what I’ll be like int he profession. 😛

  2. No wonder you look stressed up the other day. Anyway, Ya…Clients are like that sometimes.
    When you speak, just have to be assertive – bearing in mind we should keep all clients..

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