Hot~! Hot~!

Despite the rain, the weather has been extremly hot lately. I have not been able to sleep well for a few nights…ARGHHHHH

Thousand of angry people decided to protest, lobbying the government to install gigantic air-con all over the KL city…

Even the firemen got sick of putting off all those fire…

9 thoughts on “Hot~! Hot~!”

  1. Applegal: firemen too busy putting out forest fire lar.
    xes: ahahhaha..lazy fireman
    hoonfai: who? The protester or the fireman?
    Chuoming: You know? You and me are the only few person who don’t have colour hair….

  2. if i was the fireman i will either be at a mamak within visual vicinity of the place or spraying the water while lying on a sofa

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