Sorry LADIES for guys only….=P

Introducing Korea latest and hottest girl band…

Pretty or not…MORE PICTURES???

To the guys,
before u fap to their photos….I must tell all of you that, they were men once upon a time. All of them might look like this :-

Don’t believe me? Search for them on Google, see and read for yourself.
For those who can read chinese, you can read it at
To all the Girls,
guys can be pretty too…jealous or not??!!

18 thoughts on “Sorry LADIES for guys only….=P”

  1. frank, do u want to be pretty?. u may try letting go of yourself and proceed with the surgery. frankly, frank…i know u want it, frank…don’t live in denial…come out, frank…haha

  2. nice tranformation of guys lol =p
    we girls are not jealous ok…..dont need to be jealous of such things..wahhaha :p its more like u GUYS are jealous of pretty girls..and the transformations says it all….~~~ :p

  3. next time dun date korean gals. u must ask for birth cert n childhood photos. u nvr know u r dating a guy. their surgery is too perfect it is scaring me!

  4. frank: you’re scared of getting slaughtered by the surgeon is it?. i can ask harisu to accompany you. don’t pray pray ar…

  5. even if he and/or she used to be a guy i don’t think it matters if he and/or she has had a total gender reconstruction what. instead of batang, got hole. instead of beard/moustach, got nice soft silky smooth skin, instead of low manly voice got the soft angelic “moaning” voice. so what’s the problem?

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