testa coils

United Garden (the suburb I live) is well over 30 years old. My house was the first few houses that were built. That explains why everyone who came to my house would say, “Eh, your house looks quite old eh?”

The late Sultan of Perak used to live in my house (before we bought the place). It was his resort house (or probably to keep his mistress here). Many years ago we used to receive many of his phone bills even though he has been dead for 10 years.

Since my house is so bloody old, everything is falling apart. Today, the sewage truck came to pump all the good shit out (it overflowed). Since it’s an old area, we don’t have a central pipe to flush our shit to the sanitary plant.

One day, when I make my millions, I’m going to demolish my house and build a new one. Hmph, probably I’ll build a Chinese mansion. Mmm, probably I’ll add a watch tower. Oh yeah, equipped with testa coil (that tower that electrocute people in Red Alert II) to electrocute intruders, neighbours, termites and wild animals 😀 *bbzzz *bzzz

14 thoughts on “testa coils”

  1. Hahahahahhaha………….Tesla Coil……….would really love to see u build that………*bbzzzz *bbzzzzzzU damn cute lar xes………….

  2. oh xes honey, cause i’m just as GAY as you! =P~ Posted by Fish @ 01/08/2004 11:28 PM CST waaHAhahAHHahahAHhahaHAH..

  3. gayvin emma tan seems to be very aroused when our topic involves gay stuff.. 😀 cm u ra2 champion? u sure ah? ahahaha

  4. daniel: 16th ah..thats a friday..i usually play futsal on friday butsee hwo it goes la. maybe the gang will head down to atmos..but pretty unlikely cause we hate that place!! !penny: it’s not a dream..it’s a vision hehe

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