So you wanna be lovey duvey on Valentine day…

HAPPY VALENTINE DAY TO ALL OUR READER!!! We are all busy dating, so i shall leave all of you with the photo of this lovely cute teddy bears (which i think bimbobum will fall in love at first sight)

awwww…so sweet *melt*
and I hope all of you love birds out there will have a great night and make more babies cute…awwww….

15 thoughts on “So you wanna be lovey duvey on Valentine day…”

  1. i like the first pic! so sweeeet……
    hmm… which reminds me of my conversation with my col the other day when i told him that i gave a soft toy to my bf. And he was like ‘You gave a soft toy to your bf????… guys don’t like soft toy lah!’
    please humor me…
    that’s not all completely true right..?

  2. to scare off the monster under the bed maybe??
    wah, so i guess my bf is not a typical guy cos he doesn’t ‘hide’ his soft toys in the closet or under the bed…. 😛

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