Jerantut, Pahang

Jerantut is a tranquil little town in the state of Pahang. It serves as a gateway to Taman Negara. It is an old town. Pre-war buildings (around 1940s) are scattered around Jerantut town.

One of my colleagues is from Jerantut and as such, I asked her to recommend me some of the local delicacies in Jerantut. One of her recommendation was ais kacang (a dessert consisting of shaved ice topped with, colourful syrups and condensed milk and with sweet corn, red beans and cincau (grass jelly) in the bottom).
During my 1 Β½ hour transit at Jerantut, we visited the shop that serves the recommended ais kacang. It’s located at the taxi station, behind the post office, one of the wooden rows of shops. Very dodgy looking but has friendly people.

The stall
The Ais Kacang is served by an elderly lady. Very generous on the topping.

Inside the shop.
If I’m not mistaken, a bowl of Ais Kacang costs RM1.30. DAMN CHEAP. But my colleague said that it used to be cheaper. 50 cents per bowl!

However, the Ais kacang is nothing to shout about. Very normal ais kacang.

Next to the ais kacang shop lies a grocery shop. This grocery shop is pretty unique as it also has a ‘Tukang Jahit (tailor)’. The word Tukang Jahit is visibile on the old school Singer sewing machine.

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  1. bimbobum: not as fattening as ais kacang.
    Jerantut: very creative πŸ˜€
    rych: donno wor, why aa? you wanna kiu kai in jerantut?? hehe
    boob_omatic: if you’re not interested in it, you can fuck off. you’re not welcome here anyway.

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