15 thoughts on “KFC’s Zinger Maxx”

  1. wow….
    First Zinger owned McChicken..
    then Chicken McDeluxe owned Zinger..
    now Zinger Maxx owned Chicken McDeluxe!!

  2. xes: you scared wat, bum grow bigger ah?
    knickx: not really, the Spicy Chicken Deluxe is more expensive! for KFC, only the Zinger burger is worth it – the O.R. fillet and colonel burger looks really pathetic in terms of size.
    karheng: can! just tell the fella at the counter you know me and he’ll give it to you for free. ;P ask honfaai buy for you la ;P
    Applegal: burgers in fastfood chains in m’sia are generally crap – dead lettuce leaves and just a drop of mayo. the Zinger Maxx is bigger than the usual – you can tell from the burger bun, and the chicken patty stuck out from the burger bun!
    there’s the added slice of cheese in it, and that’s it.
    not too bad, definitely better than the Meltz anytime. 😉
    pikey: looking at the last pic always gives me the temptation of having it again!

  3. bimbobum: quite true…but the olden days Zinger rocks..before Maxx..it kinda dropped the standard a little..then i switched to Chicken McDeluxe…now yet to try the Zinger Maxx! Great post..if it wasn’t for this post..i wouldn’t know about it =P

  4. insomnia: ahahah like i’m the one who made it la?! *piaks*
    endroo: i haven’t had a ramly for ages. i want one!!!!!!!

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