This could be the end…

A very very long time ago, someone ask me…how can i manage to work and write some silly stuffs on the blog? I think i know the answer to it now. I was not working hard enough.

Now, there are too muchwork to be done. Even though, some silly thought might come to me half way through my work, by the end of the day, i just couldn’t be arsed to be sitting in front of the computer and type it out anymore. Hence, i am sad to say that i probably will not be blogging that often anymore. At least not until, i get my digital camera back from the Service Centre. By then, hopefull i can be doing photoblog again.

However, that does not mean you will not see me again on It’s not the end yet. =) I will still blog whenever i can.

9 thoughts on “This could be the end…”

  1. well alot of pple ask me why l blog, how come waste so much time? but then sometimes l think its more like a leisurement and friends to catch up.When u think of something, u just wanna write it down 🙂

  2. hopefully we’ll get more entertainment from your photoblog… seeing that your blogs these days are getting boring already. :p
    i miss your funny/silly blogs though…. hehe..

  3. aiya brakepui one of your random moods isit?
    you know everyone enjoy your funny, “so you wanna be dot dot dot” post, at least i am.

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