KL Fashion Week 2005

A model displays a creation by Hong Kong designer Walter Ma entitled “Summer Breeze”.

Models display creations by Malaysian designer Sharifah Kirana entitled “Boudoir”

A model displays a creation by Adelaide-based Malaysian designer Razak entitled “Tiru Macam Saya” or “Copy Like Me”

Models display creations by Malaysian designer Orson Liyu entitled “Blue Label”

A model displays a creation by India’s designer Rohit Bal entitled “Sheen Mubarak” or “The First Snowfall”

11 thoughts on “KL Fashion Week 2005”

  1. Razak’s design a little revealing rite? I thought I see half a breast there or something. Since when Malaysia Fashion became so open?

  2. Hor Hor…. Razak is damn good! Used to shop at his store along Rundell Street (Miss Gladys Sym Choon) when I stayed in Adelaide 😛

  3. Ya lor~ I agree with gguni. Since when Malaysia becomes so open with the fashion?? And is that model a Malay or what? Can she really wear that in public? Ok, I’m asking too much.

  4. xes: yalar, no more bikini or half naked woman from now on. I am into women with nice clothes on them.
    Lynnzter: I agree! But my question is, is the girl wearing any bra? Is that a “skin” coloured bra?
    JolingX: no, Jo. I was in Alor Setar that Saturday.
    gguni & fish fish: Maybe she is wearing a bra lar…like i said a “skin” coloured bra. No?
    Applegal: They look FINE to me.
    Selina: Sel support Malaysia product in ozy oso…!!!

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