Two cats

Two cats were walking by the side of the road in front of my house. They were like a loving couple, taking a stroll at night, side by side.
One of them, stop and look at the other cat. Then, suddenly she ran across the road. She looked at her friend on the other side of the road as if signalling she is signalling for her friend to cross the road. Just as her friend had decided to cross the road…
A proton car ran over her friend and broke her friend’s neck. Blood spritz out of her friend’s neck like fountain. Her friend struggled for a good two second and her body went stiff. Her friend was gone. The cat slowly walk over and sat next to it’s friend’s body. She sat there for a good two minutes, smelling, and touching her friend.
“Get up,” as if she was saying to her friend.
Cars passed her but she didn’t budge. A van almost ran her down as well but she didn’t care. She sat there with her friend, staring at him.
Beep! ~ Beep! ~
Another Proton car came speeding in her direction. The cat looked at the car and sprinted across the road. She sat on the opposite side of the road, looking at him, mourning or perhaps, she was even blaming herself. If she did not cross the road, he wouldn’t have cross it. It was her who caused his death.
10 minutes later, she decided to go home…because life goes on even without him.
“I am a city cat. This is the risk that I have to live with. Maybe soon, I will be with him again.”
I witnessed all these from my balcony. As a respect to the dead cat and her partner, no photos were taken.
P.S. I hope the garbage man will take care of the body tomorrow because the dead cat is damn near to my gate.

15 thoughts on “Two cats”

  1. *Gasp*
    Its so sad yet touching because the friend went back to look at its dead friend.
    I’ve been seeing alot of dead, flattened animals on the road lately. Its so gross!

  2. Waaa. Frank, you can be animal rights activist. . . You emphatise so well with animals. . . First the doggie gang rape, now this hit and run. Geng!!!

  3. lol.. frank.. how come ur hse so many animal related activities mia? πŸ˜› last time dog raping, now cat murderer.. πŸ˜€ bila mau horse fugging!?

  4. xes: your chinese like..eumm.. like swearing lidat..
    “nia bu yau shi ah!!!..”

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