Kneeling Man’s Wife

If your wife caught you cheating on her 6 times and she leaves you for it, what will you do to win her back? Will you,
(1) Kneel down in front of a shopping centre and get a spot in the local dailies so that she sees what you have done;
(2) Set up a blog telling how sorry you are;
(3) Go on national radio telling her that you are sorry and you want her back.
Malaysian Kelvin Ng had tried all the above and at print time has yet to be able to win her wife back.

    Monday March 9, 2009
    Desperate hubby pleading for wife to come home
    PETALING JAYA: In a desperate attempt to win back his estranged wife, a man has continued to plead for her forgiveness in public.
    Salesman Kelvin Ng, 29, made his first public attempt a week ago in SS2 here. On Saturday, the distressed husband tried again, kneeling down in front of Amcorp Mall with banners and a poster saying “I Love You Lee Sook Chin”.

    Speaking to reporters as he knelt, Ng swore that if his wife returned to him, he would repent.
    “I want her to be the most admired woman out there and I want her to think that this marriage was never a wrong choice.
    “I am doing my best to rescue this marriage and the whole world will be my witness,” he said.
    Ng said his wife had claimed that he had been caught cheating on her six times.
    However, he said he only cheated on her thrice and vowed not to be “playful” anymore.
    Two weeks ago, his wife left him, leaving behind their two children – a boy, aged three and a girl, aged one.
    One of his friends, Alex Tang, 30, said they were also there to do all they could to help Ng, who had been depressed.
    Ng, who had earlier pledged to kneel for a whole day or until he passed out, remained in his position outside the mall until 10pm.
    However, it was in vain because his wife did not come back.
    When contacted, his wife Crystal Lee, 24, asked to be left alone.
    “I will forgive my husband anyway but I need time to think it over,” she said.
    Source: The Star

This morning, Kelvin Ng was interviewed by Fly FM and pleaded his wife to come home. Listeners were invited to give their comments and my god, ladies can be quite cynical at some times.
He gave out his blog url which I immediately surfed. Initially he had pictures of his wife and children posted on the blog but it was taken down later at night. There was also a poll which stated “Do you think my wife is pretty?”. The choices were “Pretty, Good, Bad and Worst”. LOL. It was taken down later at night as well. Damn! I haven’t vote yet!
Nevertheless, check out the video that was posted on his blog.

Can anyone Forgive and Forget?

9 thoughts on “Kneeling Man’s Wife”

  1. This bloody Ah Beng is full of crap!! He looks like a total handphone/pirated DVD seller and he has the gall to point out how his wife is “not so pretty” “body not so hot”?? Has he *taken* a look in the mirror? christ! this asshole just wants his wife back cos he does not want to lose “face”

  2. i agree with the above two points.
    I will never forgive him too. I know how painful it was.
    To have a good wife but was hurt to the point of no return, he must be really mean and abusive( may not be physical, can be verbal as well).
    He is like:
    -trying to prove to the world he has tried all but failed so dun blame me anymore.
    -all the ladies are so touched by his actions is like self promotion. i am a good man now, ladies anyone interested?
    -he just felt like he has lost his security, ego and face and he is doing everything to impress and get it all back. will he really change.
    -according to sin chew, he wants the son back and the wife can take care of the daughter. he only wants the son back, not the wife and daughter in particular.
    -many people aren’t beautiful but beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder. Beauty comes from within.
    -he is being very pushy. I can’t convince his wife but get other’s help to convince her. That is so insincere.
    he should give her time and himself time to prove himself. Show by action. In time, she will believe. Not by doing all this. This is not call sincerity. Its like desperate not to lose face.
    Maybe he will treat her well temporarily. He can be so extreme and mean to a person that loves him. What else can he not do.
    I will never ever forgive him. I think most probably the wife should just thank him for encouraging her to be so independent.

  3. I find it spectacular that thousands of women out there are capable of forgiving husbands who physically beat and abuse them (look at Rihanna getting back together with Chris Brown), and yet can be so cynical about forgiving a guy who seems genuine in regards to his remorse, guilt and attempt to change.
    *shakes head*

  4. wah his face so yong sui also manage to cheat on his wife 6 times. where does he get his women from??

  5. For a bastard like him who were not hesitate to punch his wife in the stomach while she was pregnant, what else in vocab can we describe him?!!Pathetic.

  6. i wish crystal lee would forgive kelvin ng altough i dont kelvin ng. and i hope kelvin ng dont cheat her wife crystal lee any more ok

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