The SK2 Moment

I once had a colleague, Ms. Jo who look older than her age and she was extremely sensitive about it. One day, another of my colleague recommended SK2 to her. She bought every single SK2 product available in the market.
She applied all of it and the next day, she came to office…
Jo: eh, do you see any difference in me today ar?
me: ……
Jo: Aiya, useless lar. why i ask a small boy.
The few days later,
Jo: Seh (die) looooooh… come it doesn’t work?
Later during lunch time, Ms. K and me were waiting for the lift
Ms. K: You heard about Ms. Jo and her SK2 kah?
me: Ya.
Ms. K: She think SK2 is some magic portion meh. Ugly mean Ugly lar, cannot save already.
me: Maybe she should drink the SK2 lar. hahahahhahahha….
when i was saying that,Ding…the lift arrived. The door opened. FUCK!!! MS. JO WAS IN IT!!!
ARRRRRGH…./me pull hair

5 thoughts on “The SK2 Moment”

  1. That should serve as guilt treatment to treat her nicer next time? Lol… Btw i would have said the same thing. Sensitive people are so good to pick on… Haha

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