lunch with lynnz

While on my way to Mad Valley for lunch with Lynnzter, I was stuck in a massive jam in Old Klang Road. It took me 10 minutes just to move 500 metres. Then I was stuck in the same place for 2 minutes. I was so pissed off and furthermore I was late. So from the far left lane, I turned my signal and rammed over the divider to the other side of the road. Yeah, I love Old Klang Road, it’s the land of the lawless!

In Old Klang Road, particularly OUG, you can park your car anywhere and don’t give a fuck about it. Tow trucks and traffic officers don’t exist at all.

Dad’s birthday is this Thursday. I had no idea what to get for him so I resorted to my usual birthday present. I headed to Watson’s, got him toothpaste, toothbrush, dental floss, shampoo, throat lozenge, cotton buds, painkillers and shoe polish. Hey it’s good man! What can be better with presents that you can use and comes in a bunch! Well, I didn’t get him condoms….

Lynn, her friend Nini and I had lunch at Secret Recipe. Then I had the orgasmic bun, the bun that makes you cum, well you know, Rotiboy!

10 thoughts on “lunch with lynnz”

  1. keke.. oh so that was lynnster with u dat day.. had no contacts on can’t see shit, didn’t even know you were waving till nik told me lol sorry :)rotiboy rockssssssss yumm..

  2. fuzzy: keke u guys were shopping is iteishin: i dont not wish to meet them…kekekaly: yayaya he’ll surely like it keke

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