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I stayed up till 3AM reconstructing my link page last night. It pisses me off beyond belief that most of the people on my links doesn’t have a link icon. So being a perfectionist, I drew the link icons for them. Well, not to mention I stole some from Lynn’s website. You guys owe me sex.

Click on the links link on top, to those who I left out, please leave a note (with your link icon too of course) and to those who I removed, eh hello? Draw me a link icon la!!

wookookoo and Gayvin favourite pub – Black Cock Inn. Located at Beswick, a 16th Century town in Lake District, England.

Every morning 8 o’clock, I wake up shake my c…..
Every morning before class, I have a problem looking for parking. Sometimes I would have to resort to tiny or obscure places to park. So today I was lucky, I found a place to park as soon as I arrived. It was under a fruit tree (some sort of fruit that human doesn’t eat) so I happily parked my car and quickly left.

7 hours later…

Oh my godd…my car was bombarded with bird shit and rotten fruits. To add salt to wound, I found out that my car ran out of water to wash the windscreen. I raced for a car wash with bird shit and fruits all over my car. It was not good I tell you…

13 thoughts on “Update links..”

  1. haha, thanks xes! :pthat reminds me i have to draw a link icon ya.. hmmm but what u drew for me is nice enuff so i’ll stick with it.as for the “u guys owe me sex” charges, my place here is kind of crowded with cats these days… in fact u’ll be doing me a favour if…wahhaha

  2. Finally i got a link icon, hahahahaa. My link icon looks nice, hehehehee…. hhmmm me owe u sex eh… hhmmm…. *a bit hesitating* my place or ur place? hahahahhaa.

  3. eishin: faster kowtao to me heheryuu: mmmm, pussies ah.. i LIKEE 😀 kim: keke thanksfrsotie: wookookoo mailed me and said, “becareful what uwish for” …..pikey: eeeerrrr…. doc: michaelooi hated it kekekeselina: cannot le, gayvin is taken le..wookookoo’s new bf now..kekeke

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