mad cow disease!

Dad has been sick for this couple of days. He’s down with flu hence he resorted to plain porridge everyday. So today he requested for Bovril, a thick beef patty extract. I search high and low for it. The only thing I could find was Marmite. After half an hour, I asked the lady whether or not they have Bovril. She said,

“Bovril? No more stock la. Aiyah, haven’t you heard? Mad Cow Disease ah”
Me: Er.. I thought it only happened in US?
“Aiyah precaution mah”

Yeah….rightttttttttttt…. 😀 😀 😀

12 thoughts on “mad cow disease!”

  1. an aussie bus driver todl me this while i was in melbourne “vegemite: When it was first released (not under the name of Vegemite), nobody liked it. The company decided to change its name and it had a public competition for a new name. A 12 year old girl suggested the name vegemite because of its vegetable extracts and the similarity to marmite. Furthermore, according to our bus driver, during World War I, Vegemite saved hundreds of life. The Australian government provided Vegemite to the Red Cross to deliver to Aussie prisoners of war. Due to the fact that vegemite has the highest vitamin B than any other food, many of the prisoners were saved from malnourishment.” lynn: big bottle of bovril ah..dont eat liao mad cow diseease liao keekpikey: allegic to beef? thats the first time i hear that ;D

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