The end of United Hostel

This morning, Mum and I went to the Compan1es Commissi0n of Malaysia in Plaza Putr4 to annul my mother?s business title. Before I could find the place, an Indian man approached me.

?Morning sir, registering business??
Me: No

I walked off and ignored him. He must be one of those unscrupulous people who abuses public trust, just like tow truck guys AKA call men.

?Renewal of business??
Me: No, I?m cancelling my business title.

?I?ll help you settle the matter, you can pass me your documents and you can go home after this!?

Well, since it?s a fact that government services in Malaysia take a million years to complete. Mum agreed to let the fellow settle the thing for us. It took us less than 15 minutes to fill up the forms.

There?s something about him. He has this charm that lured Mum and I into his office. He charged us RM20 for his service and RM40 for the annulations fee. I don?t know whether or not he cheated our money but the good thing is that he will settle the matter for us and Mum and I don?t need to queue up for the entire day. Malaysia service = BEST!

Singapore the air con island
Ben and Sui Lin are heading to Singapore today, so we decided to have lunch at McDonalds with Gavin and Lynnzter before heading to the train station. They almost missed the bus by the way. Have fun pop pop styling guys!

5 thoughts on “The end of United Hostel”

  1. I’m currently commenting from Kiasu land……I muz say….really kiasu…especially the taxi driverssssssssI drove here and the drive was good but tiring…..

  2. gguni: u seems to be everywhere minute aussie, another minute sunway pyramid..then now singapore..suisui: gguni is my regular visitor 😀 irenehai: aiyah tot u workin mah.. so didnt call hehe

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